25 Best How to Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

When your hair is that awkward growing phase that isn’t long but not quite short either, you may not know what hairstyles look best or how to style your medium length hair. No matter what the obstacle, we have compiled a list of 25 of the best and most flattering hairstyles for medium length hair. If your hair is short, then you can go to check out our latest post: 25 best how to hairstyles for short hair. If your hair is medium lenght, then let’s go now!

1.The Sassy Flip
For a flirty, feathered style the short and sassy flip is sure to turn heads. Ayers are added to the hair along with a fringe. The fringe and several pieces of the hair are flipped for a modern, put-together look similar to Halle Berry’s classic flipped hairstyle.

2.Asymmetrical Bob
This gorgeous bob can be done by using a razor to create choppy layers and adding curls for a sleek and edgy look. Try scrunching an asymmetrical bob at the ends for a disheveled yet refined finish.

3.Tousled Layers
Bed head used to be embarrassing but now the look can be seen all over runways. This easy, tousled look screams relaxed but while still being in control. Add unruly bangs for an even sexier look.

4.Choppy Textured Bob
This haircut works on almost any face shape and can take you from sleepy head to perfectly tousled layers in a matter of minutes.

5.Puffy Curls
Full, puffy curls give depth to natural tresses and add pizzazz to a blunt cut. Janelle Monae’s soft, puffy curls look stunning and add charm to her bold haircut.

6.Angled Inverted Bob
For a bold and daring rendition of the traditional inverted bob, an angled cut will allow your personality to sparkle. Adding soft curls or whimsical waves to this blunt cut makes it the perfect day to day hairstyle. The soft, barely-there curls will give this style a polished look.

7.Soft Wavy Bob
Soft waves will give your haircut a soft, modern romantic look that’s both playful and chic. Instead of framing the face like the traditional Bob does, these soft waves cascade around the face beautifully.

8.Ombre Highlight Bob
Ombre highlights add depth to the traditional curly bob. For a contouring mi-length hairstyle that can be worn casually, try adding layers of highlights or Ombre colors to enhance the curls that create this gorgeous look.

9.Retro Curly Bob
For a timeless hairstyle reminiscent of old-Hollywood glamour, the retro curly bob is sure to make a statement. The superior definition of this hairstyle is what makes it distinctive with deep waves off to the side and a gorgeous side part.

10.Posh Spice Inspired Bob
A sleek, Posh-spice inspired bob will look great on many face shapes and give you an instant look of luxury. The deep side part and platinum tresses perfectly frame the face for an elegant yet modern appearance.

11.Fringed Curly Bob
By cutting the front of the hair slightly longer than the back and adding luxurious curls, this haircut can enhance the traditional sleek fringed bob by adding a playful touch and heightened dimensions.

12.The Curly Bob
The curly bob lightens and softens the face and is best achieved on narrower facial types. However, anyone can pull this look off with the right sized curls. Adding layers to the bangs and sides will add beautiful depth to wider face shapes.

13.Smooth Tapered Bob
A smooth, tapered bob can always be seen as soft, flirty and sexy. The hair is cut right at the chin and the hair is ironed out to a straight, sleek finish.

14.Bob with Bold Bangs
A bob with thick, bold bangs is sure to make a statement of high fashion couture and controlled drama.

15.Bob with Razor Cut Bangs
What makes this hairstyle stand out are the smashing effects created around the face while the remainder of the hair is kept soft and sleek. This makes the choppy bangs stand out more adding a dramatic effect.

16.Choppy Layered Bob
The choppy layered bob has lots of attitude and style with its choppy layers and long sweeping bangs.

17.Rainbow Colored Bob
If you’re one for bright colors, then the rainbow colored angled bob is a hairstyle that you need to try. The bold, pigmented hues of red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purples show up vividly on the hair and perfectly tailor to your face and style. A center or deep side part will add depth and dimension to this bold look.

18.Oil Slick Bob
The hottest trend in hair color for brunettes this year, the oil slick hair color trend is taking over. The beautiful jewel-toned highlights look great on medium length hair and add extra drama and depth the darker hair with rich layers of turquoise, magenta, violet, and yellow tones.

19.Sleek Straight Bob
For a polished, red-carpet ready look the sleek straight bob gives you entire appearance a polished look. Add a side part for even more depth and elegance.

20.Retro Glam Wavy Bob
For an elegant old-Hollywood inspired look, soft elegant waves that dance around the face give your look an instant boost in elegance. This Emma Stone inspired hairstyle is sure to give you that retro look that you’ve been wanting.

21.The Shaggy Bob
Shaggy bob hairstyles work for various face shapes. The layers cascade around your head framing the face. It’s a cool and effortless look that can be styled for a special event or for a quick run to the market.

22.Boho Beach Bob
These soft, boho-style beach waves paired with a blunt cut bob can turn a bold look into an ultra-feminine look instead. The waves give this look more texture and face-framing details to emphasize on your gorgeous features.

23.Short Layers and Fringe
One of the best things about having medium length hair is that it doesn’t have to interfere with your personal style. Short layers cut into a lob with a fringe add volume and depth to a traditional hairstyle.

24.Sleek Center Part Lob
This modern day Cleopatra-inspired hairstyle boldly frames the face accentuating all of your facial features. The soft, super-sleek finish can be achieved by using a glossy finishing spray on straight, blunt cut edges.

25.Whispering Lob
For a fun and flirty hairstyle, the whispering lob falls perfectly right at the jawline. Layers are feathered with a deeply parted bang for a soft face-framing effect. The hairstyle has a light, airy and natural appearance that will look great on any face shape.

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