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BestHairBuy’s Malaysian loose wave bundles and hair extensions are well known for their shine and texture. Usually, the colour of Malaysian hair consists of different shades of brown. Similar to Brazilian hair, it is 100{56dd09360fc2d717c81038b6cb4897cc733ddc1da0d09cbada72a755763e2e52} human and completely unprocessed. When purchased the hair will appear very shiny but don’t worry, a more natural and silky look will soon be produced after a few washes. It’s hair strands are also very strong and they work best for retaining curls. The Malaysian loose wave will hold its pattern even when styling and brushing. If you want to switch up the hairstyle, it is easily adaptable. It can be changed by straightening or curling if you want to transition the waves into tight curls. It can also be dyed with whatever colour and mixture of colour’s that you desire.

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If you like having hair with volume, Malaysian hair is for you. The hair is very thick and bouncy, which is great for achieving a fuller look. When styling the hair, it is not necessary to use hairspray or oils. The hair already has shone so it doesn’t need additional hair shining products. Curls will automatically be able to adapt and retain its shape without the use of oils. The enhanced softness of the hair makes styling much easier and more versatile. All hairstyles can be achieved with Malaysian hair. When the hair is maintained and washed regularly, just like Brazilian Body Wave hair, it will also last for many years. You can re-use it endlessly and it will always maintain its natural qualities.

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Other Malaysian hair products are also available. Lace closures for example. A Malaysian lace closure is a perfect match for your bundles. The lace closure consists of individual hairs that are attached to a piece of material, they are often hand made. The majority are made from lace or silk. The closure creates the illusion of a natural parting. Do not use glue when installing a closure! Many have made this mistake and it results in hair loss. Closures also prevent the damage and breaking of the natural hair underneath. They give you hair a chance to relax and rejuvenate. Closures should be sewn down onto the crown of the hair, in the middle or on the side, wherever you want the partying to appear. Bonding is also highly used when installing closures. Bonding is when a liquid type gel is used to secure the closure. Closures can also be used to create a wig. Lace closures can be used on any type of hair condition e.g. Natural, permed or relaxed. They also lay down flat on the head making it look natural and feel comfortable. As black hair textures don’t blend in well with foreign hair, closures make the look achievable.

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When wearing a closure make sure to keep your natural hairline effectively blended with the hair. You can achieve this by using edge control and styling gel to keep your edges looking sleek. To maintain a Malaysian closure be sure to keep it covered and protected during your sleep. Simply wearing a bonnet or a bandana at night will help keep your closure in tact, making it last for longer. I would definitely recommend investing in the Malaysian loose wave bundles along with the closure. The amazing duo work in sync with each other and are guaranteed to create the best results. It is advised that you get your lace closure professionally installed. If you are wanting to install your own, make sure practice several times before doing so. They are both available to purchase from BestHairBuy.

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