Making Simple but Fresh Bob Hairstyle

Do you notice that a number of famous stars like bob hairstyles a lot? Yes, I am referring to the latest-fashionable hairstyle that is suitable for almost any shape and any occasion. Improving shape effects of the face, highlighting features of the contour and being simple but fresh, bob hairstyles are welcomed for a very long time between women all over the world.

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There are several kinds of bob hairstyles. They are a little similar to Sakura Momoko’s hairstyle, convenient and lovely. Professional stylists usually call them BOB. Bob was firstly created by a Paris stylist Antoine in 1909 but was not named. In 1963Vidal Sassoon improved it and called it Sassoon Bob. Bob became a worldwide famous word soon and is still a classical choice nowadays. Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and quite a few beautiful Chinese female stars like Bingbing Fan and Jue prefer to bob hairstyles both on stage and in their daily life.

At the very beginning, the stylist needs to be very skillful to make bob hairstyles, because it is some hard. Fortunately, there exist not few adaption and improvement of this kind of hairstyle. Lady Gaga is one of the prominent representatives of that.
Gaga is always trying to be unique, who is a refreshing change from some stars whole look all the same. She amazes her fans by wearing not only new and unique outfits but also special hairstyles. She changes the original bob hairstyle by making the hair loose and cutting the bangs into a fancy shape, thus making herself a little crazy rather than well-behaved. Lady Gaga often gives us surprise.

By the way, are you interested in bob hairstyles very much? Do you want to try one without changing your hairstyle for real? I’d like to share a short article with you here. As we all know, bob hairstyles require clean, smooth and straight hair. So if your hair is thick and curl, you need to straighten it beforehand. A moderate-length hair is best.
What you need to do is only five simple steps. You can find a helper to do it at anytime.

Step 1. Make your hair gentle and agreeable. Smooth and straighten it .Be careful to use the electrical equipment.

Step 2. Layer the hair from somewhere at about one fifth of the top of the head. Then fix the upper clip temporarily.

Step 3. Pull the hair of the right side to the middle and fix it.

Step 4. Do the same work with hair of the left side. Make sure that it is fixed closely.

Steps 5. Put the upper clip down and curl the tail of the hair.

Now you’ve made a simple bob hairstyle for yourself. It looks good. And maybe you can create a new and special bob hairstyle for yourself just like Lady Gaga.

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