How to Make An Affordable Weave Look Good?

Sometimes we may buy poor hair because of external factors. There is no need to compensate by buying the most expensive hair in the store either. Because travel to local beauty shops and supermarkets will also find a lot of synthetic hair. There are ways to achieve a great look without breaking the bank. Even synthetic weaves can look fabulous and cost you less than $50. So how do you how do you make it look great without spending a fortune? Now, you can do the below things to keep your hair weave looking salon-fresh longer.


Style: Cut your weave to suit your face and style. You need not wear the weave just as it is straight from the packet. You can layer it or snip the hair close to your face to shorten them. This can be done at home with just a mirror and pair scissors. If unsure, ask your stylist to assist.

Durability: Most synthetic hair is durable for roughly 3 months. After that, it loses its shine and becomes frizzy. It is therefore advisable to take it off after 2 months otherwise it just looks cheap. They are also reusable.

CareCaring for your weave determines how long it will keep its shine and gloss. Since this is synthetic hair, extra care is needed. You can wrap the hair in a silk scarf at night before bedtime.

Hair productsKeep your hair product use to the minimum with a synthetic weave and avoid heavy gels. You can use hair spray or very light hair lotion to maintain a natural-looking sheen. When your weave is too shiny, it comes off as fake. Also, note that product build up is not good for the hair.

Length: Very long weaves can be a pain to maintain. It is therefore advisable to stick to shorter weaves that are easy to comb and maintain.

Amount of hair: Always strive to achieve a full look. You may be required to buy more than one packet if the amount of hair is less in a single pack. Ensure that your weave is full and body, it is embarrassing for tracks of weave to be seen every day. Do not be tempted to pile up hair on your head though, you will risk looking bulky and less natural. For the more natural look, you can leave out part of your natural hair to blend in with the weave.


Whether you buy good or bad hair, you should take care of it and keep it shiny. After all, beauty is yours.

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