Luscious, Full, Thick and Long Locks of Hair Trailing Fown Your Back

♥Luscious, full, thick and long locks of hair trailing down your back, adding a touch of feminine to your Autumn look. If this is the kind of hairstyle you desire, then look no further than our wholesale virgin hair extensions. What are virgin hair extensions you ask? They are simply the higher end of hair extensions that give you that real, full and glossy look. This is because virgin hair refers to untouched, pure and healthy hair, so you know you are only getting the best quality possible. Good quality hair equal a good quality look for the new season.


With these vivid wholesale hair extensions you can create ‘The Remy Hair Weave,’ which is quite fitting to wear in autumn; the season filled with romance.

Savor one cup of tea and quietly listen to each note on an autumn afternoon to feel the warmth and romance of this season. Let’s choose one hair style using hair extensions that emanates the essence of autumn.


♥1.  Brush your hair as usual and pull all your hair onto your back

♥2. Select a tuft of hair after the bangs and group it into three sections with fingers.

♥3. Alternate the mixed section with the middle section. Then alternate the first section with the mixed section and combine “The middle” section with a lock of hair by side. Simply put, Let the middle section become the mixed section for transforming position.

♥4. Three sections transform their positions and mix with a lock of hair alongside the top of hair to the left position in sequence.

♥5. Gently drag all the braid to increase its proportion. Make it looks more plump and fluffy

♥6. Clip-in hair extensions in the left middle position with elastics and clips.

♥7. Twist the small part of hair to the opposite side with the same sequence

♥8. Put the smaller hair weave upon the first one and drag hair extensions from the inside of first one with fingers

♥9.  Fasten braids in place by wrapping extra locks of hair around to secure. Fasten with pins. And make the braids more plump and fluffy

♥10. Clip-in hair extensions with small clips.

♥11. Pull the hair extensions onto your back and use your hands to create a fluffy feeling

♥12. Sort out the bangs and the rest of virgin hair. You also can sort out the bangs on both sides to make them look more slim and graceful.

Visit our website to learn more about the different hair extensions available and how to create new and amazing looks this autumn. You can also use our 100% virgin hair to get “The Remy Hair Weave” Visit the website to get the suitable one.


♥Or if you want other way to length your hair, there are some other ways you can choose.

♥Clip in Hair

♥Virgin Hair

♥Ombre Hair

♥Remy Hair

♥And if you have any question or idea, welcome to leave comments here

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