Would You Let Bae Help Remove your Weave?

It is troublesome for one person to remove weave

A woman with a weave may well be aware of how annoying it is to remove weave. Honestly, who wants to sit down and remove their hair extensions? Nobody! Moreover, no one is willing to spend money for others to do.

When it comes to removing your weave, sometimes it may be a real fight. If it is sewing, we usually fear cutting hair instead of thread. Or even ensuring that we correctly remove our lace front wig may even be a fight.

remove weave by oneself

So, all you need is a simple question. Ask if they are willing to help. If they agree, take them away and get them to work!

Bring important people into your hair world and you can learn a lot. We will explore some of the benefits below.

Bae can help you remove the weave

Do you think Bae is unlikely to remove weave for you? After all, they don’t know anything about the hair, right, maybe they think it’s a problem. It makes sense to think this way, but why do they not understand weaves? Do we personally bring them into the world of weave? Therefore, if we think about it from another angle, it is understandable for them to understand. You can tell them everything about the weave you know and teach them how to remove the weave.

Don’t be shy. This is normal. They will feel more novelty as if they are discovering a new world and they are happy to learn. So, share your weave with him. Trust me, Bae is definitely a good helper! And can help you to remove the weave.

Release the real and feel natural

Don’t worry about being looked at by Bae after you’ve removed the weave. In fact, they would rather like you! You spend most of the day wearing your weave and then meet Bae, so they do not know what you look like after removing the weave.

If Bae really likes you, he will never mind if you don’t wear weave. On the contrary, they will find it very novel. The other side of you is something he’s not seen. And you’re willing to share it with Bae. They’ll be happy because of this. .

On the other hand, when you remove the weave, you also get to understand it. Your hair can breathe fresh air again, which will help your hair grow better, and you will feel relaxed, right? So don’t be too shy to let Bae help you remove the weave and go bold!

remove weave

The benefits that Bae help you remove weave

1. Can increase feelings with Bae

The benefit of letting bae help remove your weave is the communication grows. I believe communication is very important in a relationship and believe it or not, bonding over the removal of your hair will increase it. While bae can remove your weave, I’m sure you will be discussing your weave; the different brands, hair types, prices and even how you feel about them. Therefore, if you ever have a bad hair day or want to discuss weave, you now have bae as an option!

Typically, when women complain about their hair to their bae, they get told they are just complaining, and everything goes in one ear and out the other. Well, that has a lot to do with the fact we never brought them into our hair world, so they gain an understanding.

Once bae learns about weave and how to remove your weave, they will now be able to hold real conversations with you when you bring the topic up. This new level of communication in the relationship should make you feel like they are your best friend.

You should be able to talk about anything with bae and not have to run to certain people depending on the topic.

2. Bae can learn a craft

For Bae, the world of weave is unfamiliar to them, so when they are willing to learn and help you remove weaves. In fact, they also learned a craft. When Bae learns, he can help you get your hair, and you can help his daughter get hair, which is good, isn’t it? Because sometimes you can’t help your daughter with hair because of other things to do. At this time you can ask Bae for help, and he can do a good job. More importantly, they can increase their feelings with their daughter.

father and daughter

3. Think more ideas or DIY

Sometimes more people share, but there will be better ideas or DIY. Because after all, one person may have limitations or even be confused, and your Bae is a bystander, maybe he can help you. Your creativity is no longer limited because of his help.

Let Bae be your assistant!

As you can see, having bae help take your weave out, can be a great thing in your relationship. It’s not just a moment for you to watch television while bae does all the work. It’s a moment for two people to come together and embrace one another.

One of the main reasons some relationships don’t last is because of communication and misunderstanding. Who would have thought to let bae into your hair journey would have such an impact! Overnight, they can become your hair partner and the one who you learn to rely on, for everything that you experience.

Over time, weave and men have had the biggest gap ever! But that was because they didn’t know anything about weaves and hair. Now, this generation has made it their priority to include their bae in their hair journey. There have even been countless viral videos on the Internet displaying men stepping up and helping out! So again, the next time your weave needs to go, ask bae to join you and have a great bonding experience!

let Bae be your assistant

Having said so much, would you let Bae help remove your weave? If this is the case, you can share your comment in the comment area below!

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