Learn to Wear Taylor Swift’s Hair Style

I always think that wearing the hair up in a bun makes a woman look elegant and feminine, but some people won’t agree with my words. They think the bun hair style makes a lady look old and out-of-date. If it’s ten years ago, maybe they are right. Now the bun hairs style is very popular. You can see it on many fashion model shows and the Red Carpet. When I saw Taylor Swift’s bun hair style the first time, I loved that fashion hair style very much. I haven’t seen this kind of hair style before.

taylor swift with curly hair

With this hair style, she looks pure, feminine, dignity and elegant. I want to describe her with all beautiful words. We have seen many Celebrity Hairstyles when they show up on the red carpet. Many repeat the previous hairstyle with only some change, but this hair style is made by Taylor Swift the first time. It is different from many other Celebrity Hairstyles. Seen from the picture, it seems it is very complicated to make. Actually, if you learn to do it, you will find you also can wear these Celebrity Hairstyles.

Now here we go. Let’s learn to make it.

Firstly, divide your hair into the upper part and the lower part. Then divide the lower part of hair into two strands.

tylor swift hair

Secondly, to braid the strand of hair on the right side into a simple fried dough twist. Then twist it and fix it with a clip on the behind of your head. Next, make the braid 180 degree turn, and to twist it back to your right ear. When the hair tail reaches to the place where you begin twisting, fixing it with a clip.

tylor swift hair

Thirdly, for the strand of hair on the left side, you fix it with a clip, and make a low bun near your neck. If your hair is long enough, you can repeat the twisting as you do on your right side.

After reading above text, have you got any idea on how to make it? Why don’t you have a try to do it? Maybe I haven’t related the procedure clearly. You can practice it for several times according to my tuition. Then you can wear it well. Do remember that you need to use many clips to fix this fashion style, and you should comb your hair smooth, otherwise you can’t make the same effect as Taylor Swift’s.

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