[Wavy Hair] Korean Egg Roll Head Popular All Over the World

Korean Egg Roll Head that is popular all over the world! Don’t you come to study?
Several blast of Korean wind of fashion continues to hit
Believe that there are a lot of girls want to have a Korean girl’s dress-up
It is easier to perm the sweat lovely Korean Egg Roll Head, don’t you come to learn?

1: Style
Korean Egg Roll Head 1

Soft brown hair
More than looks low-key and elegant, but shows women’s gentle and generous
The Egg Roll hair scattered in the front of the shoulder seems fluffy and beautiful
The side-parting bangs is charming to the extreme

2: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 2

I advice that the girl who perms Korean Egg Roll hair length does not cut the hair too short
Be not shorter than the chin, otherwise it will be difficult to create a perfect curl radian.

3: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 3

Korean Egg Roll hair can be distinguished from the general perming roll hair
The key is that the perfect radian can show the hair’s flexibility,
Add up to the decorative hair bangs, the whole Egg Roll Hair illustrates the new generation’s pursuit of individuality.

4: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 4

Tidy and neat bangs are the most insurance element among all the hair style 
It not only plays a role in reducing the age and showing young,
But also shortens the length of the face from sight.
Such a cute and shave Korean egg roll head is absolutely suitable for long face beauty!

5: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 5

The sweat feeling created by Korean Egg Roll Hair belongs to the girl who loves this route
But it does not mean that the girl with strong style will be less of a choice
As long as painted with low-key earth color, it will be OK to change to a side bangs

6: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 6

I believe it is familiar to many faddish women with the V face ability of middle fringe
And its present some mature flavor, can also be weakened by Korean Egg Roll Head
Thus avoid the embarrassing effect of old style when the middle hair collocates with the long hair

7: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 7

Perming roll hair is originally filled with the romantic aesthetic atmosphere
Not to mention the Korean Egg Roll head that is popular among young ladies with perming roll hair
Which could be described as a model in the perming hair style, and its great sense waves hair is also so charming.

8: Style

Korean Egg Roll Head 8

Compared with the above long hair version that is the same bangs Egg Roll Head
This long Egg Roll Head is the same as the usual long hair, will be more gentle than the short hair

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