How to Wear a Wig?

How to Wear a Wig?


Hair is part of fashion that is continuously growing and trending over the past years. It’s a fashion that has a great history and culture that has made it what it is today. This has included great methods that are the genesis of styles that are now known by many. This also includes corporation from people of all cultures with disregard to any difference that may be underlying. There are different fashions for these hair styles e.g. wigs. These hairstyles can be used for different occasions to imply different meanings and intuitions to everyone they come across.

Wig is a hairpiece that can be worn by anyone for any purpose. This can be for any for fashion and official purposes. There is a technique that needs to be used when wearing a wig to guarantee finesse and complete greatness for a wig. There are different types of wigs that have different styles and techniques of being worn. The following steps are the best for wearing wigs of any type:


• Buy a wig from any famous hair brands e.g. BestHairBuy with your own specification and need.

• Unbox the wig carefully and take note of the different packaging that will help you identify the technique involved in wearing it. These packaging styles can be upside down, tucked, or folded.

• Cup your hands in the wig and loosen the fibers by shaking it.

• Comb your wig with the right comb to ensure that it comes out well as it should. It is important to note that a regular brush should never be used on a wig as this may damage and spoil the wig.


• Before wearing the wig, it is important to take note of the and care for your hair and your head for the wig to fit effortlessly and perfectly on your head. For short hair, brush your hair backwards, this should be done from your face backwards. For long hair, pin it by creating curl out sections ensuring there are equal distributions that helps to avoid bulges and bumps. For little hair, you can use a wig liner to fit your wig securely. This wig liner should also be used for all types of hair sizes.

• After this is done:

• Using both hands, hold the wig by the label at the nape. Slightly tilt your head to allow the placement of the wig in a motion that is front to back.

• With the wig slightly above your eyebrows, slip the wig in a bathing cap motion like manner.


• Push it back and forth until it naturally rests on your head at the hair line. Position it further by centering it on both sides just before your ears. Remember not to cover your ears to help it look as natural as possible.

• Once it is comfortably fit, you can tuck in any hairs that may be out of place to ensure that it fits perfectly and is naturally in place. This provides authenticity whenever you are indulging in any activity that may compromise your virgin hair.

Lace front wigs require extra attention as they are designed to show the front hairline. This involves ensuring the front cap is properly handled for this. This can be done by using proper products and tools to fix it once the wig is in place. The wig that you buy from your best shops e.g. BestHairBuy can also include styling and caring product for it. This will help you maintain your wig much better and ensure that it maintains it look, feel and beauty. Wearing a wig has never been any easier!

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