How To Wash A Hair Weave

1.Enable your hair to hold freely and damp it carefully from the shower area. Do not pull or tug if your fingers become tangled in the hair weave, try to run your fingers gently through your hair while the water is running. Tend not to rub your hands and fingers forth and back or to do other single things to tangle your hair.

2.Take a liberal volume of a good quality shampoo in your hands, then hit the shampoo into the hair weave, beginning at the ends and gradually turning to your scalp in the right way.Rub and clean slightly and carefully,avoid the tangles or shedding problems.

3.Rinse off carefully. Manage your fingers slightly to wash you hair just as letting the water permeate into everywhere of you hair and make them clean.If your fingers find knotted hair, do not pull or tug.

4.Recurring a similar approach by using a liberal quantity of conditioner. Squeeze the conditioner to your hair, starting up from your hair end to your hair root. Do not tangle the hair any more than necessary,but a little scrubbing to the scalp is permissible. The minimum time for remaining the conditioner on your hair is 3 minutes.

5.Letting your hair hang down freely, clean up the conditioner that sticked on your hair. Stroke your hair gently with your fingers, and allow the water as much as possible to infiltrate your hair. And back or forward scrubing may cause tangle to it,so don’t do that.

6.Squeeze your hair slightly to make some water out of your hair,remember not to make them tangle. Then use a soft tower to dry your hair.And spray some hair spray on your hair.Gently comb your hair by using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.No matter the comb becomes tangled, being careful not to pull or tug. If possible, avoid the hairdryer to blow your hair,let it air dry. Attach a diffuser and set the dryer on a medium heat setting if a dryer must be used. At last remerber not to sleep with your wet hair.

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