How To Wash A Glue-In Hair Weave

1.Use the wide-toothed comb to unfasten the knots of your own hair as well as the hair extension,get them smooth.

2.Take your hair into shower and get it wet.In addition,before washing,use a comb to comb through it.

3.Squeeze a large amount of shampoo on your hand,slightly rub your palm, make it sparkling and then apply to your hair,rather than puting it directly to your head and then begin to knead your hair as usual.Massage gently and slowly, spread the spume from your scalp to you hair end, and this would help reduce the tension of the extensions.

4.Using your fingers to comb out the shampoo through your whole head.

5.Rinse the shampoo out of you hair completely.

6.Pour a large number of hair conditioner to you hand and apply to your hair.Hair conditioner is not only good for your own hair, but also important to your hair extensions.

7.Brush the conditioner throughout your whole hair by using the wide-toothed comb and stay at least 3 minutes before you go to wash it.

8.Completely clean your hair, make it out of the conditioner.

9.Gently press you hair with a towel to let your hair dry.Although you have the chance to select the hairdryer to blow your hair,the synthetic hair may be easily broken,dry and even damaged by the heat.


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