How To Use The Bead Method For Hair Extensions

How To Use The Bead Method For Hair Extensions

1.Hair comb any tangles from your locks. It is essential that your hair is just not twisted because this could make setting up the microbead extensions tough. Work together with clear, free of moisture head of hair when begin to install the microbead extensions.

2.Take advantage of the rat tail hair comb to portion your hair in a half. Then, make use of the hair comb to produce a direct, side to side component within your hair from ears to hearing. Be sure the portion is entirely right and described. Clip your hair up and outside the portion.

3.Push your fingers along the loop around the loop resource, creating the final from the loop aimed. This makes it much easier to use the microbead.

4.Line the microbeads from the aimed loop right up until they get to with regards to a quarter of how within the loop. Wide open the loop once more together with your fingers.


5.Independent a slim component of locks, ensuring all strands within the group range from very same location to make sure correct pressure. The part of your hair ought to be approximately the same fullness because the microbead locks extension bit.

6.Adhere your forefinger and thumb with the loop and draw the area of locks. Make use of forefinger to take a microbead up across the stop of your loop and thru the portion of the head of hair. The bead must be relatively loosened around the part of the head of hair, with adequate area for connection in the extension.

7.Slip the suggestion from the extension with the bead. The bead must be regarding a quarter to one-half through the cause in your hair.

8.Clamp the bead using the bead device. This can tighten up the bead across the extension and also the part of the head of hair, positioning it to set up. Once it has been clamped the bead should be flat. Replicate Actions 1 by way of 4 of the portion up until the extensions have already been used all across the portion.

9.Make use of the rat tail hair comb to make an additional side to side aspect higher than the finished row of extensions. Utilize the microbead extensions to around the base of the crown from the brain. Tend not to use the extensions from the temple, bangs or top rated area of the head of hair.

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