How To Take Care Of Hair Weaves

1.Shampoo and hair conditioner are what you need to use for your often wearing weaves.No matter you have brought some pieces of hair weaves that blend in well with your own hair or you have bought a full headed pieces that covered your whole head, it is important for you to braid your weaves into large loose braids and then begin to wash them.This may help reduce the tangles and damage of your hair weaves and your own hair.

2.Every night before you go to bed,make your hair into large loose braids and try to brush them using the wide-toothed comb or your fingers, then wrap them around your head and put a silk scarf on them. You must make sure that your hair is soft and they will keep this weaving style and condition while you are sleep. Or when you wake up,they would be tangled and shedding,which will damage your own hair too. So try to prevent your hair weaves from tangling as much as possible.

3.If you want to reuse it, then you have to take good care of your weave. After removed the hair weave from your head, remember to braid it into a big braid, and use the shampoo and conditioner to clean it. And then loose the braid, gently comb it, let it dry naturally. Once it is dry, you can tie it with hair bands from top to bottom, every a few inches to tie once.Or you could tie up the top of the weave,then braid it into a loose braid with the hair band tied its hair end.Finally put it into a shoe box or the plastic container for your further using.

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