Here’s How to Make Your Wigs Last Longer

Here’s How to Make Your Wigs Last Longer

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Did you just spend a bomb on a new and fabulous wig? Do you want your brand new wig to stay that way for long? Well, thank heavens for us, we at, Best Hair Buy, are here to help you out. Whether you are a recent wig owner or you have a huge collection of wigs, storing them in the right way will make them look as good as new even after years of usage.

Here are Some Tips That Will Come in Handy While Storing Your Wigs

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• Human or synthetic wig, you can use almost the same method to store them. However, you should strictly stay away from using heat for synthetic wigs.
• You can either use mannequins, wig hanger or wig stands to store your wig. Using these help in maintaining the style of the wig for a long time as it is not bent out of shape. You can place these wig stands or mannequins on your dressing table to make it easily accessible to you while changing. However, this is a personal choice and it depends on space availability too.
• Aerate, clean and brush your hair wig before you store them. This will also help you to quickly put it on the next time you need it.
• If you have closet space, it is a good idea to store the wigs in your closet. Not only are the wigs easily accessible, they are also safer.
• You can also use the back of your bedroom door to hang your wig. This DIY project is not only fun, it will be a functional one too.
• If you are storing the wig for a longer time, it is pivotal that you fold the wig in half from one ear to another, parting at the center. If there is no parting, then you can also place a small piece of tissue in the crown area.
• While travelling, carry a sturdy case that can prevent the wig from getting crushed. Place the wig on tissue and cover it securely, then place it in the container.
• Never ever store a damp wig since dampness or moisture can interfere with the integrity of the wig and may damage the hair fiber.
• Store the wig away from kids, pets, heat, dust, direct sunlight and damp place. These can cause damage to your wig by making it lose color, degrade it, resulting in your wig falling apart.
• It is a good idea to have the original packaging to store the wig, as these are custom designed to protect the wig from damageIt is a smart idea to have few gears handy when you are buying African American wigs. Mannequins, hair hangers or wig stands, they are worth the price.

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At BestHairBuy, we have functional and stylish accessories that can keep your hair wig safe and fine, whether for long-term or short-term. Now that you know the finer nuances of maintaining and storing the wig, you can rest assured that your precious wigs are safe when they are not making you look stylish as ever.

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