How To Repair Hair Extensions

1.Gently comb your hair extensions,try to avoid the tangles.

2.If you always wear your hair extensions,wash them one every 5 days. And do not wash them too often,this may caused the unneccessary dryness.Remember to wash them completely, slightly wash them and make sure that they are quite clean.

3.The hair extensions should use the hair conditioner while washing, and you should pay more attention to you hair end,which is the driest part.Rinse thoroughly to make sure that there isn’t any nourishment leaving behind.

4.One microwave treament is to warm the hot oil,which is suitable for your hair extensions.Hot oil treatment help to restore the gloss and moisture of your hair,at any beauty supple store could you find the hot oil treatment.

5.Keep your hair extensions in treatment for 15 to 20 minutes,lock in the moisture, and then clean thoroughly.

6.Let your hair extensions dry naturally. Absorb excess water with a towel and let them hang naturally to dry. Try not to blow dry your hair extensions, which will only lead to more dryness and damage.

7.In order to prevent the thermal damage from your hair extensions further, you should avoid using the curling iron or straighteners. Less heat may help your hair extensions last longer.


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