How To Prep For Braided Natural Hairstyles

How To Prepare For Braided Natural Hairstyles

How To Prep For Braided Natural Hairstyles

Braids are a popular style of hair identified with the African continent and culture where it originated, especially because it is much more suited to the hair texture of African Hair.

Braids can be made to extend and fall off the scalp or can be made in the form of rows that lay on the scalp, they can be maintained and kept in use for weeks at a stretch, and extending braids can even be kept for months at a time, however they need regular maintenance in order to be kept.

Preparation for Braided Natural Hair

Braided natural hair is a very easy and go-to style amongst black people, it’s faster to make these braids, they are simple and beautiful and can be made in cornrows or to fall from the scalp. In order to get your natural hair braided, there are a few steps that should be taken for clean, healthy and ready natural hair for braids. These steps are:

1. Make sure your hair is healthy and ready

Enough to carry braids, treat breaking or lost edges, coarse textures, breaking hair, excessive dandruff, etc, there are a wide range of problems that your hair can have due to bad maintenance or something else, these issues should be rectified and treated before deciding that your hair is ready for braids.

2. Hair Cleaning

You’re almost halfway there, but first, you have to make sure your hair is clean, so get your shampoo, let’s clean up. Some people use different products alongside shampoos, some people use peculiar and particular shampoos, use whatever works for you and wash your hair clean.

3. Lets Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is the application of a nutritious conditioner on the hair, let it sit for 20, 30 mins to an hour. The hair and scalp soak nutrients present in the conditioner to keep the hair healthy by infusing it with proteins and other nutrients, these nutrients also help the hair grow, whether or not they are put in braids.

4. Detangle Your Hair

It is important to comb out and detangle your hair, this is done while conditioning the hair because this is the point where the hair is the softest. This a very important step and makes the hair tangle free and ready to be weaved.

5. Leave in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners do the same job that the regular conditioners do, soften the hair, give the hair the needed nutrients, untangle the hair etc, however, this is done over a long period, leave in conditioners are applied on the hair and left in them, just as the name implies, it is not washed out, moderate amounts are put in the hair and left to dry with the hair..

6. Comb and Stretch the Hair

Natural hair braids require the hair strands to be stretched for easy plaiting and weaving and to prevent excessive pain while braiding. African hair comes in many stretch patterns, due to this, there is the need to stretch out the hair, this can be done by putting the hair in plaits or twists and leaving them for hours, or by applying artificial heat to straighten it through the use of tongs.

7. Install your Braids

Once your hair is stretched out, clean, soft, untangled, and loaded with the necessary long-term nutrients, you are set, go visit your hair stylist or dresser, a good one, and have your braids installed with natural hair in the form of cornrows or whatever you desire.


Tips On Maintaining & Washing Braided Hair Extensions

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