How to Make Your Hair Become Brightness and Beautiful?

♥Hair is very important in our life, and some people’s hair seems so brightness and soft ,but some people’s hair seems so dry and without brightness. Those situation is based on the way which people use to treat their hair.

Here, I introduce some ways which can make your hair become more soft and brightness.


♥1.Pay attention to maintenance including the nutrition.

Getting the enough moisten, then the hair extensions  is not easily breakage. After wash your hair, put little acid hair oil for mixing the acid liquid shampoo. After finalizing the design, using the towel and cover your hair one hour. Then puff it and put some hair spray in it. Even in summer, you also should use some hair shine for keeping your hair moisten.


♥2. Do not always wash your hair.

If your hair is oily, you should wash your hair 5~7/per week, and if your hair is dry, you should wash your hair 7~10/per day. Do not use the alkalinity soap(or you will get much dandruff.)


♥3.Green Chinese Onion

Using the green Chinese onion which is being cooked in hot water, the using the hot water wash your hair, this can wipe off your dandruff and also can make your hair be brightness and beautiful!

♥Or if you want other way to length your hair, there are some other ways you can choose.

♥Clip in Hair

♥Virgin Hair

♥Ombre Hair

♥Remy Hair

♥And if you have any question or idea, welcome to leave comments here

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