How to Make Wigs Look Natural

How to Make Wigs Look Natural

A wig protects the hair while still ensuring a woman looks at her best. The problem is in making a wig look natural. You could buy human hair but that would be just too expensive. The next best option is to get a synthetic wig from BestHairBuy and make it look as natural as you can. Wondering how to make wigs look natural? Here are a few tips that will ensure no one can tell that you are wearing a wig.


Choose A Suitable Wig

When buying, choose a wig that will fit you well. One that has an adjustable fit is the best option. Also, choose a wig that has roots that are similar to yours. This will make it very easy for the wig to blend with the hair.

Use A Lace Frontal to Make Your Hair Line Look Natural


Some people decide to leave some of their natural hair at the front so it blends with the wig. This hair needs to be styled to match the texture and curls of the wig which may not be easy. The heat and products used to style this hair could also harm the hair leading to breakage. The better option is a 360 lace frontal. This will give you a hairline that looks natural. The hair is sewn on lace and it looks as if it is coming from the scalp. The hairline will look great without having to strain the natural hair.

Position the Wig Well


A poorly positioned wig will always scream that it is a wig. So, getting the positioning right will help avoid this. To get the positioning correctly, place the wig’s front over the forehead near the eyebrows. Pull it back to the head and adjust until the base is at the nape of the neck. Ensure the wig’s hairline is placed at the same position as the natural hairline else it will keep slipping off all day. Adjust the wig cap to be firm but not too tight.

Care for The Wig


This is very important because it will determine how real the wig looks. First of all it should not look too perfect. But you want to look good and hence must care for it. The first thing you should do to get rid of the shine that synthetic weaves have. Just apply a little dry shampoo on the strands. Cut the strands as well so they look well kempt but not too perfect. You can also take it to a professional hair stylist. Never ever style synthetic weave with heat as the heat will just destroy the hair. If it is human hair, you can style it with heat as you wish.

Before wearing the wig, hold it upside down and shake it the put it on. Comb it using a wide toothed comb. You can also use a wire brush. Do not brush the hair too hard though as the strands could come off. Use product to condition the hair and make it look good. To easily detangle the hair during the day, just rub your hands together and pass it over the hair. The heat will make any flyaways lie down.


There you have it. Try these tactics and you will be happy with the results and can teach others how to make signs look natural.

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