How To Make Hair Extensions Look Thicker

1.Just as you usually deal with your hair, make your hair extensions shampoo and condition, then use a towel to gently absorb the excess water.

2.While spraying detangler, you should use a wide-toothed to gently comb both your own hair and the hair extensions.

3.Until your hair is barely damp, you could stop blowing dry it. Then use the wide-toothed comb to make your front part of both the real hair and hair extensions up in the air, then for the top of your head, you should put three Velcro rollers in the centre, one by one and all facing the back. And then use the hairspray to spray your head and rollers.

4.Keep blowing dry your hair, make sure that it is completely dry. And then still spray the hairspray on your hair after you have taken the rollers out of your head.

5.Curl your hair extensions to make them match the body, which is on the top of your hair, to add volume in the visual effect. At last, you could spray them again to make sure that the extra body has been scrunched lightly for.

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