How To Make Hair Dye With Sharpies

1.In order to protect your hands from dyeing, you should put a pair of gloves on your hands, so as to avoid damage while working with the ink inside the marker.

2.Use wire snips to cut open the plastic casing of the marker, remember to cut the bottom part of the casing and cautiously to do it, not to cut the ink-soaked felt inside.

3.Apply the needle-nosed pliers to remove the felt which is inside the markers.

4.To make the plastic slit casing down the side and then expose the ink inside and the fiber, you should use a craft knife to do so.

5.Treat the other markers as the step 1 through step 4 to get your ideal effect, usually the more markers would make the darker color.

6.Make a spray bottle full of the rubbing alcohol, and remember to leave an inch space on the top of the bottle for the felts.

7.Put the marker felts into the bottle of the alcohol, and then put closed the cap to leave it soaking for about an hour.

8.Use a wig stand to mount the wig, but you should take care that the wig stand may get the same color as it, and we recommend you to wrap the plastic wrap to avoid.

9.Use the spray bottle dye to spray your wig. Use a fine mist if the bottle has a variable spray. Try your best to coat the wig as completely as possible and if needed, you could also apply the additional spray on it.

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