How to Make Full Lace Wigs – A Simple Guide

A Simple Guide on How to Make Full Lace Wigs

Full face wigs are special types of hairpieces that can be used to redevelop the whole hair from one ear to the other. Usually, they are about 7-10 inches long and 3-6 inches wide. A common misinterpretation is that wholesale virgin hair and wholesale hair extensions are the same, although this is not the case. One of the major objectives about full lace wigs is to protect your hair from damage and provide maximum versatility.

Types of BestHairBuy

Hair Extensions

These are artificial hair assimilation that is also known as hair weaves; they increase the fullness and/or length of human hair. They are normally clipped on by other hair by assimilating additional synthetic or human hair. The natural human hair can be dyed, flat ironed or permed while the synthetic remains the way it is. The techniques comprise clip or clip on extensions, weaving techniques, wigs, tape in extensions, and fusion methods.

Virgin Hair Bundles Trend

Virgin hair simply means hair that is very pure and has not been treated or processed. This means that the person donating it had never gone to a salon to make their hair colored or curled. In order for a hair to be regarded as Virgin hair, it must achieve some rigorous qualifications that include; the hair should not be dyed, bleached, permed, chemically processed and colored. This simple means that the hair should be donated by a single donor.

Virgin hair comes from different counties but the most common countries are, India, Russia, Malaysia and other Asian and European countries.

360 Lace Wigs

These forms of artificial hair are easy to fix on your wefts and at the same time achieve a maximum natural hairline around the whole girth of your designed lace frontal by consuming minimal time. Although, frequent lace front closure is fixed on only the front of your head while 360 lace wig is fixed around the whole head and leaving a round aperture at the center.

Steps on How to Make Full Lace Wigs

The first step of formulating a full-lace wig is selecting the appropriate type of lace cap. Full-lace caps are designed in three major versions, and each provides its own unique complexity and benefits. Getting to know and comparing them will allow consumers to determine the kind that suits their requirements. The caps are designed with or without polyurethane strips. The caps without strips also provide an excellent leeway, although not as compared to those with strips. Selecting between these, they are usually influenced by individual’s preferences.

Different Types of Laces

Consumers are recommended to choose the type of lace they require. Swiss and French laces are the most common laces in the market. They have a fine texture, durable and are easy to work with. They also keep the head cooler and are very comfortable.

Determine Whether You Want Synthetic Hair or Human Hair

Another step on how to make full lace wigs, consumers must choose between synthetic or human hair required for making lace wig. Human hair originates from people and is real. It provides an exceptional natural appearance, and easy to install. Although, its demands a lot of maintenance and is quite expensive. On the other hand Synthetic hair is cost effective and requires minimal maintenance. But, it does not offer versatility due to the difficulty to design it. They produce high-quality wigs.

Assemble the Cap Together

Consumers require a full-lace cap, foam a head, human or synthetic hair and a needle. They position the cap on the head and draw the hairline with eyeliner or a pencil. Utilizing this as a guideline, they start sewing the hair. For magnificent outcomes, they should begin at the nape of the neck and work their way up. To protect the hair, they utilize the needle to pull the hair via the cap, make a clear look with the hair, then forming a knot with it. They continue with this procedure until they finish the entire head. After all the hair is well positioned, they should cut and design it according to their preferences. Finally, they apply under-compound to prevent it from shedding and hold the hair in position.

New Arrival Full Lace Wigs

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