How To Make Clip-on Ponytails

1.To fit the entire clip for which you would apply to the clip, you should cut one piece of the fabric, which is in the big rectangular shape. Before you attach the ponytail to your hair, you should provide a place for the clip to claw on, so remember to cut 1/2 inch slits at the side of the fabric.

2.Remember to work from the bottom part of the fabric and then to the top part of it, just in your own way to sew the hair wefts on the rectangular fabric. Not until the hair is covered with the entire fabric could you stop sewing a weft per row.

3.In order to make the next step going without a hitch, you should apply a plastic knife to make your top side of the claw clip scratched up, which may help to apply the hot glue onto the material.

4.To make the clip catches no wefts, you should insert the claws into the slits of the fabric. Then in order to make the wefts to the sides, without any tangles and easily glide in between the claws and fabric, you should groom your wefts by using a comb. And we recommend you to apply a box-shaped clip-on ponytail.

5.While you make the adjustments to your fabric, you should use the hair pins, which could temporarily hold the clip to its position. And then creating a box pleat at the top which could both hide the clip and make your hair look thicker.

6.Give your top part of the box pleat to apply the hot glue. You must be very carefully to do this and to avoid your hair sticking on the glue.Then you should apply the other hair weft on the top of the glued portion, which could add the volume to your hair immediately and help hiding the clip.

7.Make the glue to your felt first and then attach it to your clip, and then apply the glue to the underside of your weft, help it sticking to the clip by folding it, and remember to make sure that all sides are glued and prepared well for the next process.

8.Use your comb to brush your ponytail to make it smooth and out of tangles.

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