How To Make Banana Clip Wig

1.To make a 4-inch wide and 7-inch long rectangle by sewing 4 pieces of the wefted hair together. Use a thread and sewing needle to sew two 7-inch pieces and two 4-inch pieces. Remember that your hair should be on the same side, which showing the outer frame. And the use the 4-inch sides as the frame’s top and bottom part.

2.In order to mark the sewing points, you should use the straight pins to insert the outer edges of your wefted hair. Just begin at a corner and insert every inch for altogether 22 pins.

3.To make the inner frame, you need to sew 6-inch wefted strips to the outer frame. So you would need 14 strips. Pin the interior framework each and every about three-quarters of your inches and sew 5 pieces over the top of the the exterior framework. Sew a wefted bit of your hair 1 inch underneath the top rated area sections in the outside. Sew several items 1 inch from your top rated to make a row. Consistently include lines with all the leftover wefting pieces.

4.Connect the structure to your huge banana clip with fasten. Position a bead of stick over the correct side of the clip and clamp the hair comb on the your hair part. Tie up your hair part aside of your clip at every finish as well as in the middle. Recurring to connect the still left part. Let the fasten to free of moisture.

5.Secure the food processor. Sew a 3 inch strip of wefting on top of the interior fringe of the outside body. Move your hair around the top of the the framework to protect the most notable advantage.

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