How To Maintain Braided Hair

1.Move braids in a loosened ponytail before heading to sleep (in case your braids are for long enough). Then protect all of them with a silk or silk scarf or your hair bonnet. Longer braids need to be covered with a scarf, although you can cover shorter braid styles with a bonnet.

2.If you don’t want to sleep in a hair cover, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. The silk or silk inhibits braids from rubbing in opposition to tough natural cotton pillowcases and frizzing up.

3.Shampoo or conditioner braids lightly. It’s greatest to accomplish this inside the shower area. Once you purify your braids, utilize a modest amount of hair shampoo in your palms and make a lather. Then use the hair shampoo to the head. Massage your head with the disposal. You can actually match your fingertips from the braid partings.

4.Massage your head neat and enable the drinking water job the lather into the braids. Don’t rub it in, even though squeeze the lather in gently.

5.If you have extensions, rinse thoroughly, paying special attention to get all the shampoo out of your braids, especially permit the normal water movement inside a downwards work and motion it by your head of hair along with your hands and fingers.

6.If desired,apply natural hair oils to your scalp. Massage therapy the skin oils in after which massage both your hands lower the duration of your braids to disperse the fats to your entire your hair.

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