[Black Pearl Collection] How to Keep a Good Hair With Perm and Dye?


[Before dyeing hair]

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*Color selection

According to one’s own skin colors’ coldness and warm choose one’s own color which is suitable to themselves. Generally, the chocolate color and red brown are all close to white.
PS: It should be careful to choose brown yellow and yellow for yellow skin people, which will make the yellow skin look more yellow.

*Dyeing paste choice

Be sure to choose a professional dyeing paste! Do not believe in advertisement that gives you a discount after your buying their card and dyeing hair only costs 268 Yuan. Some cold water only costs 5 dollars each, so as the dyeing paste! So be sure to choose brand products.

*Dyeing is harmful to hair?

Indeed, but the color will not be pure without dyeing ~ you can decrease the harm to hair by keeping maintenance and minimizing dyeing products. If you don’t want to dyeing, you can choose the fadeometer.

*Shop choice

I believe that we all have this feeling, without nursing care and dyeing when you cut your virgin hair, many shops do not give you a good cut. In the same time the profit to dyeing is much higher than that of haircut. Therefore, you’d better choose a regular shop, or choose an honest stylist through the acquaintance’s introduction.

[After the hair dyeing]

Black Pearl Collection 2*Basic nursing care

Has been dyed hair, and you need to use the hair conditioner every time you wash your virgin hair! Even smearing on the damaged hairs, and then massage with a finger to allow nutrients to penetrate into your hair, almost within a week you can improve the dry and damaged hair.

*The daily nursing care

When rolling you need to spray with some heat insulation, when washing the hair the water temperature is not too high in order to avoid rapid fade, choose a suitable hair oil to carry and to avoid the “lion head”!

*Special nursing care

Doing hair mask regularly http://www.besthairbuy.com/black-pearl-collection/


Black Pearl Collection 3[Change shampoo]

Pay attention to the use of color-protection and care products, choose a repair or color protection shampoo! The wash ability of color protection products is not too strong, and hair dye is alkaline, and color protection products are weakly acidic, which can help the hair cuticle closed, adjust the pH value and reduce the loss of pigment.

[To avoid over-cleaning]

If you are the people who loves clean, do not wash your hair every day, wash your hair frequently will result in excessive cleaning and making the dyed hair become more dry! Wash once in two days will be more suitable, especially in the summer, remember to wear your shower cap when taking a bath!

[Remember do not make water temperature too high]

Pay attention to the water temperature which can’t be too high when washing hair, otherwise glabrous scales will easily open, pigment will lose, and hair will also be easy to fade, fading hair surely will be no gloss!

[To avoid sun exposure]

Do you notice that the stars always travel with wearing a hat? Do you think it’s just for the sake of shelter? There is another more important function: that is, to protect the virgin hair! In the sun, the moisture and the nutrients in the hair can be quickly dried, no matter what beautiful hair will not bear it. In addition, bring the repair spray when go out, a timely spray will add your body some of the water.

[Try not to swim when you just dyeing] Why should try to avoid the sea water after dyeing? It is because the sea water will accelerate the oxidation and color fading of dyeing hair. So how about going the swimming pool? Also no! Because the water contains chlorine in the ordinary swimming pool, which can destroy the structure of hair dye, so just try to endure for the people who just dyeing the hair.

[The secret of becoming bright for the hair: comb a lot]

Must comb your hair a lot, the saying in Parents’ Honyaradoh  is: combing helps blood circulation, longevity is depend on hair…… and what I want to say is that combing a lot can also make hair good! Horn comb, massage comb, mane comb, you have many choices. After you comb your virgin hair a lot, you will find that your hair becomes not only smooth, but also bright!

Hair dyeing should not be too frequent

Stars’ beautiful hair
Mostly is the result of of Photoshop

The truth is as follows

Black Pearl Collection 4

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