How to Install Full Lace Wig?

Hair Tips And Wigs for the African American Woman

360 lace frontal

A woman’s hair is her best fashion accessory, as it exudes the beauty that seems to lie therein. Where a woman fails to properly take good care of her hair or style it properly, she comes out looking all shabby and lacking in confidence despite the fact that she may adorn her body with the finest of jewelry or the most expensive of dresses. This is so because as far as her hair is not properly made she is incomplete in fashion terms.

The African American woman has found this to be true, which seems to be the reason why African American woman places a lot of emphasis on the topic of hair styling and have been known according to various studies to follow the current hair styling tips and trends as they occur.

When it comes to hair styling, the natural African hair can be very stubborn.However, with the right use of hair styling tips and the appropriate hairstyle an African American woman can always come out looking on top of the world in all circumstances.

Some Tips When planning to Style Hair

how to make full lace wig

1. Ensure that you wash your hair at least twice a week: Water acts as a natural moisturizer, therefore it is important that African American women use water as to condition their hair.

2. Try to use hair conditioners regularly: Using hair conditioners are essential as they add needed nutrients and help in improving the hair’s overall outlook.

Try to make use of hot oil treatment on a monthly basis: This is because oil treatments help in ensuring the hair gets the required elasticity and moisture. Use ceramic combs for hair care: You should straighten your hair at least once a week with a ceramic comb, or device always ensure that the device is placed at the lowest temperature possible to avoid damage and hurt to scalp and skin. Trim your hair: Nobody wants to come out looking like a furry animal, so ladies ensure that you clip your hair as needed, this ensures that the beauty is maintained and the quality superb.

The above tips are guaranteed to help maintain the African American woman’s hair making the hair look superb and natural at all times.

For African American women who love to wear hair wigs or just simply desires to put on one, there are a whole lot to choose from; amongst the current trending ones today is:

360 Lace Frontal


The BestHairBuy 360 lace frontal wig is a human hair made from high-quality Swiss material that gives an all-natural outlook, which makes it seem that the hair grows directly from your scalp.It usually comes in three varieties: elastic band, adjustable band and non-adjustable. This, however, depends on the woman’s desire.

The benefits of using the 360 Lace frontal include; low maintenance, covering of receding edges and the provision of a lot of styling options i.e. wavy, straight etc.

The 360 Lace frontal may be used for the following styles:

1. May be made into a ponytail without any need for wearing a hair extension.

2. Any form of freestyle parting as you may desire

How to Install the Full Lace Wig

Pre Plucked 360 Lace Frontal02

Being a new trend in the wig market there may be a lack of knowledge about its installation, the procedure to install the BestHairBuy full lace wig is therefore as follows.

1. Ensure that the wig is properly positioned on your head.

2. Ensure that It is lined in accordance with your natural hairline.

3. Apply considerable amount of glue to keep it in place or you can sew the frontal with your hair.

4. Also, use glue on the middle part or just sew it with your hair.

Why You Should Get the Full Lace Wig

full lace wig


The full lace wig is a new trend in the market. it aims to bring out the stylish part of the African American woman, when it is worn. It is easy to maintain and only requires to be cleaned at intervals after use. When using the full lace wig,  the beauty of the woman is put into light and radiance is what can be seen all through.

Where Can I Get the Full Lace Wig

full lace wig

The full lace wig can be purchased from the online site an affordable rate. It must also be mentioned that has in its stock other high-quality wigs that may be of interest to customers.

New Arrival Full Lace Wigs

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