How To Fix A Nappy Weave

1.Use a minor, detangling locks conditioner in your weave. Very carefully move the conditioner using your fastens by using a large-toothed hair comb. Prevent rubbing the conditioner in your locks to stop more entanglement.

2.Always rinse your own hair with tepid water. Use a moderate shampoo or conditioner to the head of hair just like as being the conditioner, to perform the cleaning up and detangling method.

3.Mat and crunch your weave dried out having a clear cloth. Make use of a normal bristle clean to drag by way of any outstanding tangles. Tug very carefully to protect yourself from harming your hair extensions.

4.Work with a warmed up curling steel, blow clothes dryer or your hair straightener to restyle your weave. Use warmed units only on normal head of hair weaves. Stay away from any warmed up devices on artificial locks in order to avoid long-lasting harm.

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