How To Dye Human Hair

1.Portion your own hair specifically along the middle, commencing at your head front and then stretching straight back to the crown of your head. Remember to comb your hair to make smooth and eliminate any tangles inside.

2.Use the comb to section out a layer of your hair which on the top, and fix it with hair clip. And use the same way to section out the middle layer of your hair and only leave the bottom part of it naturally hanging down.

3.Use rubber gloves to cover your hand for protect. Unscrew the hats from the coloration container as well as the creme designer container.Then put the content which in the color bottle into the creme developer, and mix the two things well by shaking it. Shake the jar before the materials are merged effectively. And then the hair dye would come into being.

4.Then take out a small amount of the hair dye into your palm, and then put it to your hair from the bottom layer, using a comb to brush it through your hair strand .

5.Remove your hair clip that you have put in the middle layer of your hair, and putting the dye in the same way as the step 4.

6.Still take off the clip that you used to secure your top layer of the hair, and brush the dye as above.

7.After all the layers of your hair have been finished the dyeing process, you should gather all of your hair on the top of your head, and fix it using a clip.

8.Keep the dye in your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes, for the color could stay in your hair firmly, and then you should use warm water to rinse off it, and condition your hair to give it a care to neutralize the damage which the dyeing process may cause.

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