How To Dye Hair With Indigo

1.As indigo may stain nearly anything, such as your skin and your clothes, you should wear a pair of gloves first, and remember to put plenty of newspaper, drop cloth or even tarp on your floor. And you should wear your old clothes while doing this to decrease the damage.

2.Use henna, which would help your hair absorb the indigo, to dye your hair first. And after you have finished this process, you should wait for a time then apply the next step.

3.Not until it resembles a lumpy, thick and green paste, which smells like frozen peas should you stop mixing the indigo with the water.

4.Make the indigo going through your hair completely, then rub it by the handful and slather it through although it would be messy.

5.Use the plastic cap or the plastic wrap to cover all of your hair, and then apply a large towel to wrap around your head. The indigo should left on your hair for at least 2 hours, and if you want your hair color become darker, then you should let it stay on your hair for a longer time.

6.Get both the plastic cap and the towel off your head and then use plenty of water to remove the indigo off your hair completely.

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