How To Dye Braids

1.Make the braided hair shampoo for two times to ensure the total cleaness. Do not add conditioner, but towel dry after rinsing. Because if you adding more hair products to your hair before dyeing, it may decrease the effect by preventing the dye from penetrating your hair. Use a stiff-bristle brush to gently comb your hair to eliminate ang tangles and make your hair smooth.

2.Divide your wet hair into four sections on your head and use hair clips to fix them. In order to protect your skin and clothing, you should better put a tarp or towel over your shoulders. Then use the latex gloves to put on your hands for protection, and make sure that your working surface is no items on and then put on one piece of newpaper to cover the surface.

3.Pick out a samll section of your hair and starting from your crown.Then apply some hair dye into your hair section and gently rub it thoroughly your hair, but remember not to rub your scalp.If you have finished this process, you should use the aluminum foil to wrap your section of hair, for prevent the dribbling. And then your should finish another sections of your hair just like this way, and then keep the dye on your hair for around 20 to 25 minutes.

4.Eliminate all bits of foil in the braided locks. And then use warm water to rinse off your hair thoroughly to make sure there is not any colors coming out. Use a towel to absorb the excess water on your hair and then conditon your hair as usual. After the 5 to 10 minutes conditioning, rinse off your hair again, then you could blow dry your hair and style it as you like to do.

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