How To Dye Black Extensions

1.Use a deep conditioner towards your hair. Make the deep conditioning cream to leave in your hair for around 10 minutes to moisturize your hair. Then rinse off your hair thoroughly and let it air dry for the next dyeing process.

2.Using bleach to lighten your hair. Hair bleach may turn your hair into a light-orange color by stripping the black color off your hair extensions. You may need a second application of bleach to make the extensions light blonde, for your hair is black. Then after removing the bleach, you could condition your hair again and the let your hair air dry.

3.Coloring your hair extensions in your preferred one. You could either change your hair color totally or just add blond dye to enhance the blonde color. After rinse the dye off your hair, you could condition your hair extensions by using a leave-in conditioner to keep the natural look on your hair.

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