How to Curl a Wig?

How to Curl a Wig

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Having a wig is one of the many fashion icons endowed by people around the world. Wearing it can also be for different purposes that intrigues the occasion and the audience. Therefore, this implies that different types of maintenance should be done to the wigs in order to ensure that it maintains its beauty and stature. This also includes newly brought wigs. A newly brought lace front wig can be styled into different ways that can please the user. This can be curling or using any new found technique to create a new look unanticipated by anyone making you stand out.

There are different techniques that can be used to curl wigs, these techniques can be used differently to bring out a more detailed look that is uniquely beautiful than the last. However, it is important to note that only selective tools can be used when curling wigs. Tools like steam curlers, steamer, and curling irons should be heavily avoided as these may cause permanent curls to your wig which you may not need if you are only seeking a temporary fashion look with your wig. However, if it is to be used; it is advisable that it be used under strict control and adherence to its steps. Therefore, tools like low heating devices like blow dryers, brush curlers- the old and the new kind alike, and wig pins are advisable and recommended tools that provide temporary fashion look for wigs.

Using a curling iron

how to curl wigs02

• When using a curling iron, it is advisable that you use it at low temperatures.

• With the temperature set to a low, comb a section of the hair and wrap it around the iron for 20 seconds.

• For optimum results, it is advisable to sprinkle little water on the hair before curling it with the iron.

Using Rollers

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• Clean the wigs synthetic fibers using water and soap to prevent knots or matting occurring to the wig.

• Rinse the wig using a cold water stream.

• Repeat the procedure only this time using a conditioner and swirling and swishing the wig.

• Use a towel to completely fry the wig. It is important not to wring the hair with the towel.

• Comb the wig to detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb.

• To the section hair, apply a lotion and comb with a rat tail comb.

• Place a roller at these section ends and roll the hair to its roots. You can then secure the hair using a duck bill clip or a bobby pin. Repeat this step until the entire head is filled with the rollers.

• Place the wig in a dryer set on low heat setting for ninety minutes or until it is fully dry. If you lack a dryer, you can set the wig in a well ventilated place and let it dry. However, this alternate step takes longer and requires patience.

• Once done, you can carefully remove the rollers from the wig and style the wig by running our hands through it.

These are some of the best method that can be used for styling and curling your wig. Buy the best wigs from the best hair extensions brands like BestHairBuy and get to perform different styles that set your mood and justify the occasion. This also includes care packages that you can use to maintain the wig and also effect the different styles that you want for it. Beauty comes at cost and BestHairBuy provides the most affordable options for all types of wigs that you would want as well as the different care products that you need to properly take care of them.

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