How To Color Your Hair At Home Like Beauty Salons

1.First of all, you should read the directions which appear in your color kit carefully and completely. That is because each brand of hair kit instructions will be different from each other.

2.Then you need to pour the contents which is in the hair dye bottle into the bottle where there is  color developer. After that, you need to shake the bottle to make ensure that the dye and developer are mixed together enough.

3.You can spray the ends of your hair lightly with water which is from a water bottle. According to Women’s Health Magazine, since your ends of hair are easier to become drier, as a result they can absorb a lot of color. So you need to add a little water to your hair ends to make sure the color is absorbed evenly.

4.You can apply the color to your hair. You’d better start it at the roots of hair. Put the color in from roots of hair to ends of hair, you should make sure you are saturating your hair with the color. If you hair is going darker, you can apply the color from front to back. In contrast, if your hair is going lighter, you should apply the color beginning in the back and then work forward.

5.You have to make the color stay in your hair to develop and process for the time which is directed in the instructions.

6.You can rinse your hair by using warm water. You need to keep massaging the color out of your hair lightly until the water turns clear.

7.You should do a deep conditioning treatment which is throughout your whole hair. It is important to leave the treatment in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes, then you can rinse it out. This action can keep your hair not only healthy but also silky and smooth. What’s more, you can dry and style your hair as normal.

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