How To Color Hair With Food Coloring

1 What you need to do first is to mix a couple tablespoons of shampoo and a few drops of food coloring in shampoo bottle which should be empty. If you use more food coloring, the shade of color will become darker. After finish mixing, you should put the top of your hair on the shampoo bottle, then you need to shake it well to make sure they mix enough. If it seems thick, you need to  add a few drops of water in the bottle.

2 You need to make your hair wet completely, and then make the food coloring and shampoo through your hair and keep massage your hair. If you are about to dye your whole head, you should make sure that your entire head of hair is covered evenly. On the other hand, you can also separate your hair into a lot of segments and dye only part of it.

3You should make the food coloring stay in your hair for six to 12 hours. Take an example, if you have hair with color of blond or with color of light brown, maybe six hours is enough. In contrast, if your hair is with the color of dark brown or with the color of black, you should make it stay in your hair longer.

4 You should take a shower so as to wash the colored shampoo away. You can dry your hair by using towel. If it is possible, you should dry your hair with a blow dryer. On the other hand, you also can make it dry in the open air.

5 You should not wash your hair in three to five days. After such period of time, you can wash it as you are used to doing. The point is that after you wash your hair each time, the color of your hair will be more shinier, which is based upon how dark you dyed it. By the way, the food coloring will disappear within a month.


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