How To Color And Put Frosted Highlights In Hair

1.You need to mix your bleaching agent by following the package instructions which are in a bowl which is non-metallic. Then you can open your box of hair foil and try to get several pieces to get ready. The point is that you should make sure that your hair is not only clean but also dry before you start your work.

2.You should partition a small strand of hair. Then you can start in the front top area to be frosted. To be specific, you can use the mixture by using the application brush, and you can brush the mixture from the root to the tip of the hair. After doing that, you need to wrap the part longitudinally by using a piece of hair foil. At the same time, you can roll down toward the scalp to make sure the whole strand is covered. That is because this operation can keep the bleaching agent from touching the other hair. Then you can go on doing this process until all sections of hair which you wish to be frosted are covered in the bleaching agent and all sections of hair which you wish to be frosted are wrapped in foil.

3.You should measure the time for the processing of the bleaching agent. It is necessary to compare the recommended time on your hair color instructions to the recommended time for bleaching. In order to make sure that it will finish processing at the same time as your bleaching agent, you will need to make a plan to use the hair color. You should pay a close attention to the time it will take to apply the color.

4.You can mix your hair color by following to the package instructions which are written in your application bottle. When the set time arrives, you should use the color from scalp to the tips of the hair. What’s more, you need to cover all hair but not wrapped in your hair foil. At the same time , you need to massage the coloring agent gently into the hair and allow it to stay.

5.You should wash your hair completely when the set time comes to the end. Then you should get rid of the foil in the stream of the water. At last, you should not stop rinsing until the water turns clear.

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