How To Choose The Right Hair Extension For Natural Straight Hair

1.First of all, you need to consult what you want to know clearly with a professional stylist. In order to find the best stylist in your area for extensions, it is a good idea to ask your friends or research online. As all of us know, sometimes, a stylist may charge a nominal fee for a consultation. But on the other hand, it enables you to have time to talk about the look which you want to be. According to your hair texture, a stylist can give some useful advice to vendors who sell quality natural straight hair. What’s more, some stylists also charge a flat fee for getting and applying hair extensions. The easiest solution is to deal with a stylist who gets them for your specific installation if you are not sure about the type of natural straight hair extensions that you want.

2.Then you need to make a decision if you need the hair extensions which you can put in on your own. At present, there are a lot of options existing for hair extensions, which are ideal for natural straight hair. For example, you can buy extensions which are clip-in so that you can take them off at night, on the other hand, or you can think about having a stylist who can add longer-wear extensions. But you should remember that the clip in human hair extensions can be curled and styled. In addition, they are the least-expensive option. On the other hand, if a stylist connects hair extensions for you, you will need to spend significantly higher price, but, in contrast, the extensions usually will stay in for about three months. Basing upon the type of hair you buy, the hair can be used again.

3.In order to find natural straight hair extensions, you can search online. A lot of sites like Extensions (see References section) focus on natural straight hair which is for people of European descent. You should always make sure that if you order hair sight unseen from an online vendor, the company has a good policy for return which will permit you to send back the hair if it is not suitable for the texture of your natural straight hair.

4.You also need to look at hair that explains it is Remy or European hair. Even though ordering straight hair seems easy enough. On the other hand, it can be challengeable because all straight hair is different from each other. To be specific, Asian hair is naturally straight, but its individual strands are much denser than the hair of an average Caucasian individual. Remy hair is a kind of hair that is unprocessed, what’s more, you can dye it to match your own tresses or you can even perm it if you think it is necessary. If you ignore the type of straight hair which you choose, you need to make sure that you buy quality hair so that you can prevent bad extensions that may tangle, shed or irritate your skin and your scalp.


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