How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions For You

Looking for the best hair extension to compliment your hair and other features? Here are some things you need to know how to choose best hair extensions for you.

About Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions had long been a part of the closet of the fashion and beauty industry. Many and many people, of different gender orientations and ages, have been fully embracing the use of such in their everyday lives. Even renowned personalities have shown full support of sporting hair extensions and other hair fashion products. From popular music artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez, to supermodels Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and actresses Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz, surely one can tell how widely accepted it is to use hair extensions.

Basically, hair extensions are used as a quick solution to transform one’s hairstyle by adding length and volume to it. This has become largely useful since the natural hair does not grow in speeds according to one would desire. Also, everybody has different types of hair, and someone who has a naturally thin hair could not expect it to just naturally grow in volume.

Preparation for the Best Hair Extensions

Sure, you already want to buy a hair extension right now. But, buying a hair extension doesn’t work like buying your regular toothpaste, or shampoo, where you can just go and say the brand you want and are currently using, and you’ll have the perfect products on your hand in no time.

It does take quite a mindful process how to choose best hair extensions specifically for you. Hair extensions are an investment. You don’t want to be disappointed. So before proceeding and investing in any extensions, there are several important factors to take into consideration first.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are two main types of hair extension – the synthetic and the human hair.

Synthetic hair extensions tend to be less expensive compared to the natural or human hair extensions. As expected, they are of inferior quality. They often do not last long and most do not resemble the real human hair, giving it an unnatural look.

Kanekalon and Toyokalon hair extensions are examples of synthetic hair extensions. People who are on a tight budget could resort to these hair extensions but should be careful enough to consider the duration they want these to last.

On the other hand, human hair extensions are more expensive but of greater quality. They are often preferred over synthetic ones as they are easier to style on and maintain. They also last relatively longer and so a better investment.

Cost and quality of human hair extensions could vary greatly across its different types. The most popular types are the Remy hair extension, non-Remy hair extension, and virgin hair extension.

Made from human hair taken from multiple donors, Remy hair extensions are made through color matched hair, with achieved a natural finish. The hair is gathered sophisticatedly so that each and every strand is positioned, facing a single direction. Remy hair extensions can be treated such as dyeing, perming, and styling with ease. It also has a long lifespan.

Non-Remy hair extension is the most commonly used and tends to be more affordable than Remy hair. These are usually made from shed or fallen hair. It undergoes chemical treatment to remove the hair cuticle layer. A coating is then applied to the hair giving the hair extensions natural-looking shine and luster. However, this chemical layer is easily lost after few washes.

Virgin hair extensions are made from only one human donor. Before a hair passes for a virgin hair extension, it must qualify first this golden rule: the hair should have never been treated at all, be it any form or in any time in the far past. Virgin hair extensions are considered of the highest quality, and therefore very expensive. Unlike the other types, this type can be treated in any manner without having to worry of losing its natural look, given the proper procedures of treatment are followed (taking good consideration at caring for the hair).

How to Choose the Best Hair Extension For You

Tip #1: Decide on the Hair Type

As what we’ve talked about earlier, there are different types of hair extension you can choose from. First, decide whether you’d go for a synthetic, or you’d rather have a human or natural hair extension. Clearly, the overall champion here is the Remy hair extension. However, you still have to consider other aspects such as your available budget before picking a Remy hair.

Tip#2: Choose the Hair Color

It’s tough to get the right color and shade for your hair extension. As a general rule, you would want to go for the closest to your natural hair color and shade. Get some help from fashion hair experts to assist you in pointing out your natural hair color. Or, if you’re quite the experimentist, just go with whatever your taste dictates.

Tip#3: Choose the Hair Texture

Just like the right hair color, it is a general rule to pick a hair extension closest to the texture of your natural hair. The aim here is to create a very natural look out of your natural hair and your extensions.

Tip#4: Acknowledge your Budget

As I have mentioned in tip#1, your budget plays a huge role in your decisionmaking. You can’t go for a Remy hair extension if your budget is very low.

Tip#5: Respect your Preference

Of course, there are certain rules to consider in selecting the best hair extension for you. However, your own taste still plays the far biggest factor in deciding over a hair extension. Surely, you don’t ever go buy something experts tell you to that is just basically against your will.

Final Say: Buying The Best Hair Extensions

As a verdict, in choosing the best hair extension for you, you should consider your budget, taste, and natural hair features. There are many physical and online stores you can find out there that offers different hair extensions.

One of the best ones you can go to is BestHairBuy which has a wide variety of hair fashion products. More particular products sold by BestHairBuy are virgin hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions.

Always remember to carefully examine the hair extension you’re going to pick before buying them. Lastly, be sure to have fun and enjoy the whole process!

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