How To Choose Extension Hair For Weaving

1.First of all, you need to make a decision on how you desire to wear your weave. What’s more, you have to make sure what style you would like to have. On the other hand, you don’t want to go all out on a style which is only two inches long. By this way, if you want to wear it longer just like 12 inch to 20 inch, then you will want to get to know more in the hair where you buy. As the old saying goes, you should get what you pay for. So you should keep in mind that some, well most of the hair that you find in your local supply stores comes from hair collected from beauty shop floors and barber. The point is that, sometimes, some of the hair that you find in your local supply stores comes from hair collected from funeral homes! After that, in order to make it look smooth and shiny, such hair is sewn together and dipped in a solution which consists of silicone. So it comes in the package. There is no doubt that as soon as you wear this hair, not only the shiny smooth coat will wear off , but also the hair then starts to tangle. At this point, if you buy this kind of hair, in every five minutes, you will soon find yourself looking in a mirror and combing your hair AGAIN and AGAIN What a waste! In other words, there is no doubt that you are wasting your precious time. If you are what I call a ‘professional weave wearer’ , you must be really want to spend your money in good quality hair.

2.You can look for hair that is Indian. Have you paid attention to the Indian women who are with their lush hair? This must be what you desire! That is because that such hair does not need to be dipped in any solution in order to show a shine because it has its own feature. What’s more, this hair will be with a service life for a very long time. Here, I would like to give you an example. I have a customer at the salon now who wears this Indian hair. Up to now, she has been wearing the same hair without buying more for the last three years. Yes, you will spend more money on this kind of hair, that is for sure, but, on the other hand, it lasts for three years, I think all of us can do the math! On the other hand, if you have to buy hair every month, you will have to multiply the amount you spend by twelve. That is for sure. As for the money you spend in a year, you will come out better by going to the more expensive hair. As a matter of fact, I do know very well that some clients cannot be ready to afford this kind of hair, so this is what some of my clients do… when they get their tax refunds they make the purchase. In fact, nearly all of them agree that this kind of hair is well worth it.

3.By the way, if you do not like your weave to be so full, it is a good idea for you to choose hand tied weft. To be specific, this kind of weft is not like bulky. Cutting it is the trick to this kind of weft. In order to start a new track, I usually fold it over in place of cutting it. Some manufacturers sell it as three thread and eight thread. There is no doubt that eight thread is more durable than three thread. If you find a seller who sells Indian hair, before purchasing it, you’d better not forget to ask all of the questions. That is because that some sellers will not refuse returns, however, some will.

4.You should remember another point, which is very important. In other words, you should keep it in mind that the darker the hair color is, the better chance you have with the hair being authentic Indian hair. In contrast, lighter shades are chemically altered to the lighter shade. The same as the hair on your own head, the features of the hair will be replaced by the chemical process. Here is an good example, if you want the hair to be wavy or curly , again, nine times out of ten it has been chemically replaced to be wavy or curly. As a matter of fact, I would much prefer hair that has been chemically altered to curly or wavy than hair that has been chemically altered to curly or wavy AND in a lighter shade all together. That is to say there would be a double dose of chemical processing.


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