How to Care for Virgin Hair

How to Care for Virgin Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair

Not all are born with a great hair, some have just good hair and some have really worst hair. That’s life and we should accept that fact. But, as they say, all problems have a solution and one of the nicest developments in the hair fashion is the virgin hair wigs. Yes, synthetic wigs have been in the industry for long but isn’t it nice to use a virgin hair on your crowning glory? Not only it will look like real, but it will really make you feel that you have real natural hair.On the other hand, not only those who have bad hairs are the ones using virgin hair wigs, some individuals prefer to use these wigs for protection to their already good hair while some just need something different from the usual hairstyle they are having.

African Americans are known to invest a lot when it comes to hair fashion and this especially includes the use of virgin hair extensions. We all understand that their hair type is not the straight, wavy, or curly type like those of Asians and Caucasians; it is in spiral, zigzags and loop pattern which makes it hard for them to have it grow longer as it is prone to breakage and it doesn’t really grow down but grow all the way up. There are ways on how to care for virgin hair for African Americans. First and foremost is to understand your hair type. You also need to choose the correct type of hair products. Know the difference between hair shedding and hair loss. You should always trim your split-ends as well. Have a proper nutrition, there are a lot of nutritious foods that can make the hair grow healthier.

Moreover, though most people know the facts about African Americans wigs, some are still intrigued that maybe there is something behind the fascination of African Americans to virgin hair extensions, but believe it or not, it is still the same reason like those of other races – to look different on some days and for original hair protection. Since African Americans are the ones who mostly use these extensions, BestHairBuy is one specific brand that is designed for them. BestHairBuy is known to having to serve customers with excellent products and service.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be it is important that you also know how to care for virgin hair extensions for this to last longer than you expected.

• First and foremost, comb regularly, and carefully to remove any tangles but try not to do it every hour of the day. Use wide-tooth comb so that it will be gentle for the hair extension.

• You may not need to wash it daily but you still need to wash it when it begins to look dreary or at least once a week. Shampoo and condition it only in one direction. A mild shampoo and conditioner are preferable.

• If you are using hair iron on the extensions, do it moderately – no high temperatures. Moreover, do give it a hot oil treatment at least twice a month

• Dry the hair extension by just patting it and let it dry itself in the air.

• Rub a virgin coconut oil regularly.

• Avoid using tough bristle brushes as it can harm the hair cuticle.

• If not in use or during the night, tie or braid the hair extensions for tangling prevention. However, make sure not to use elastic bands as it can also damage your hair.

• Make sure not to sleep in hair extensions while it’s wet.

• Upon waking up, check if there have been any tangles and comb if there’s any.

Whether you are planning to buy virgin hair extensions or already purchased one, make sure to remember some tips given on how to care for virgin hair.

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