How To Apply Hair Extensions Step By Step

1.In order to straighten the person’s natural hair completely, you should choose to apply a flat iron. That is because it is best to start this process when the straightened hair is ready. The reason is that  the straightened hair makes it easier to use the hair extensions.

2.You need to clip away the hair’s front half. Then you should comb a line which should be from the top of the one side of the ear of a person to the top of the opposite ear. After that, you need to clip this whole section of hair.

3.You should start at the nape of the neck. You need to comb a diagonal section which is from the center back of the person’s head down. The point is that you should leave the hair which is about an inch below the section.

4.You also need to clip the hair which is above the diagonal section away so that not only you have a smooth surface to work with, but also it will be easy and conveniently for you to use the hair extension directly to the person’s head.

5.Then you need to apply hair extension glue to the wefted area which is at the top of the extension. In order to cover the wefted area evenly, what you should do is to dot the glue. That is because if you dot the glue, it will help you prevent putting too much glue on the extension.

6.After dotting glue, you should press the wefted area which you have just glued to the scalp which is at the top of the diagonal section that you have separated.

7.You need to catch the extension tightly by using one hand. At the same time, you should hold  your dryer’s nozzle directly toward the wefted area of the extension by using your other hand.

8.Then you need to choose the hair dryer to cool air, then you can hold the cool air against the glued hair extension for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

9.Let down the hair which is about an inch in the back from what is clipped away. Then you should apply the hair extension. The method is just as you did before.

10.While you are making diagonal sections, you can also work your way up the back of the head. Then, you should unclip the clipped hair in the front.

11.Then you need to part diagonal sections which are in the front of the head. Then you should apply the hair extensions. The point is that you have to be sure to keep the extensions far enough away from the hairline in the front so that they are not visible. At the same time, as soon as you reach the top of the head, you will desire to leave out enough hair so that you cannot see any hair extensions visibly in that area either.

12.At last, as soon as you have completed the process of gluing them in, you can use hair-cutting scissors to blend the extensions with your natural hair.

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