How Much Do Wigs Cost?

Guide to Buying the Perfect Wig

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There are so many different styles of wigs in the market, such that it can be pretty confusing to make a choice. But it doesn’t really have to be that confusing, provided you have done your homework well. Before picking a wig there are a couple of things that you should know, a couple of questions you should answer. This article is aimed at guiding you on how to buy inexpensive human Hair wig online.

What is a wig?

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A wig is a head covering which can be made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibers.

Why do people wear wigs

There are different reasons why people use wigs. For some, it is about hiding their hair loss, while for others it is about enhancing their appearance. Wigs are also worn by cancer patients while undergoing chemotherapy. Some people also wear them just for fun, such as in costume parties or during Halloween.

Celebrities have also popularized the use of wigs. One of the major motivations behind wearing wigs is the convenience it affords. Wigs are typically styled in advanced, so it saves the wearer precious time.

Steps of buying a wig online

1.Decide what type of wig you want

Like it was mentioned above, wigs are made from human hair, animal hair or with synthetic fibers. Before opting to buy a wig you have to, first of all, decide if you want one made from human hair or synthetic fibers.

Wigs made from synthetic fibers are more affordable compared to those made from human hair. Synthetic fiber wigs are easy to wear and require less maintenance, you can simply pick them up, shake them out and wear them. But this is not the same for those made of human hair. They are more expensive (the longer they are the more expensive) and require more maintenance. They can, however, be styled in different ways. They also last longer than synthetic fiber wigs.

There are many fraudsters online, some can decide to sell to you synthetic fiber wigs in place of human hair, or sell to you a wig of lesser quality than you ordered. Therefore it is important you patronize only reputable dealers. Example of such reputable dealer is BestHairBuy.

2. Consider your lifestyle and what you intend to do with the wig:

The kind of lifestyle you lead would also determine your type of wig. Do you want a wig you can wear very quickly at your most convenient time, that requires little or no styling? Or do you need one that is more elaborate? Do you need something that looks official or would you prefer that which is causal? Answering these questions will give you a good idea on what to buy.

3. Pick a wig that enhances the shape of your face:

When picking a wig, choose one that enhances the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, look for short, spiky pixie wigs, with a length that touches the collarbone or the jawline. For heart-shaped faces, a short pixie wig that can be tousled can be considered. For square faces, a wig that would soften the jawline is the preferable choice.

4. Pick a wig that complements your skin tone:

When selecting a wig, pick a color that complements your skin tone. This colors would work for you. Skin tone can basically be divided into three; warm, cool and neutral. Your skin tone will guide you in picking a wig. For people with warm skin tone, the best color of wig is chestnut browns, honey blondes or copper colored reds. While for cool tone complexion, raven blacks, ash brown, platinum blondes or auburn reds should be the preferred choice. People with neutral skin tone are compactable with most hair colors.


You should seek the advice of your hairstylist before going to buy your wig. The stylist can guide you further on the cut or color that you should purchase. Also, patronize only tested and trusted online merchants, so as to avoid being swindled. BestHairBuy have all the type and styles of wigs that you want, plus they have a very good reputation.

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