How Many Bundles for Full Sew in with Closure

How Many Bundles for Full Sew in with Closure

This post is geared towards solving the FAQ about the bundles needed to get a sew-in with closure. Now look below and get proper insight on this.

So each bundle of hair will carry approximately 100 grams which are 3.5oz. Anything longer than 22 meters requires more bundles. The longer the length of the hair you want; the more the bundles. On average if you need a full head done, you must have at least two bundles to achieve the desired result. If your head is slightly bigger than the average size, then you should consider getting two more bundles will be ideal. Anything from above 30 meters will require about 4 to 5 bundles.

Note that the more the bundles used, the heavier your head will fill, and the bigger your head will appear too.


How Many Bundles for Full Sew in with Closure

How Many Bundles for Full Sew in with Closure

To get a sew-in can a little tricky especially when it comes to figuring out the number of bundles needed for this. All this depends on many factors ranging from whether you need a full hair, length of the bundles and the texture. The texture of hair is essential because this helps you decipher the number of bundles that will give the best fit.


For instance, if you need a kinky curly afro look, you also want it longer than the shoulder length and full. For this frizzy curly afro, consider going for 14, ” and a closure of two bundles will get the job done.

In line to what is specified above after all has been considered thoroughly, you have a full and curly hair, it will not be cool if you have too many bundles hence two will do the job. Having bundles above this will make the hair look overwhelming, and that is not the best. You will also be okay with fewer wefts in curly and kinky textures. This is because the densities of these curl patterns will make your hair full and perfect. With even fewer wefts sewn in you will still have the desired outcome.

From my experiences, the shorter the length of the hair the more extended the wefts required to get the desired result. In a situation whereby you are getting 14”, you need thick bundles thus the bundles will be more.


In the same vein, if you want a kinky curly hair with 32”; the two bundles used in the former will not be ideal. The longer bundles will equal the shorter wefts hence depending on if you need a full hair. You will need about 3 to 4 bunches for this, anything less will leave you with a miserable experience.

In case three, she needs silky straight bundles and also plans on getting a bob. Here two bundles and one closure is enough to handle this. I assure you two packages and closure will give you the exotic weave.

All the case scenarios mentioned above will guarantee you a perfect hair and the bundles needed will save you the extra money you may spend due to high estimate.


Here the person in question need an extremely thick hair that goes down to her waist, the factors to consider is the height of this person. Depending on how tall you are between 26” to 31” will do a great for you. Here you typically need three to four bundles if you’re looking for a full hair. An extra bundle will make this possible, and you will ooze glamour.


Getting a nicely done hair depends on what you need, your budget and your disposition. Employing the services of an experienced professional will see you through. All factors will be put into consideration, and your comfort will also be considered.

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