Hairstyles for school girls and boys

Today, the fever of pursuing fashion is on the increase. As hairstyles play an important role in pursuing fashion, people, especially young people pay more and more attention on their hairstyles. If you walk around universities campus, you will find that, for girls, long straight black hair with blunt cut straight across foreheads and long curly hair are the most popular. These two kinds of hairstyles have been gaining great popularity among many girls’ students including middle and high schools.

student hairstyle

For one thing, a common thought is that it is necessary for girls to have long hair which makes girls look more feminine and cute and more charming in boy’s eyes. I do not mean that girls cut in long fair for boys’ sake, but according to what many boys say, they would like to see a girl who is in long hair for she looks beautiful with long hair.

For another, long hair is easy to match their clothes like shirts. However, in recent years, short hair with neat bangs and hair dying have gained some popularity and continue to attract more fans. They like cutting in short hair because it looks cool and is easy to take care of, moreover, advertisement on fashion magazines and changes of hairstyles of movie stars and famous singers can also lead to the short hair trend in campus. As for hair dying, on the one hand, students are eager for having a try; on the other hand, they are afraid of being against by their teachers and parents who hold the opinion that only bad students dye their hair. Therefore, they are under great pressure if they have their hair dyed.

student hairstyle

As for boys, they seem to have fewer alternatives of hairstyles. Short hair is the first choice for school boys, which look like tedious. However, short hair can divide into many kinds like brush cut hairstyle, straight standing-up hairstyle and short hair with bangs. School boys who are fond of sport activities usually wear brush cut hairstyle in which they look sunny and refreshing. School boys who want to try new things would like the straight-up hairstyle for they look cool and novel and always becomes the focus of people’s eyes. School boys who love to play the music instrument and draw the picture tend to have the short hair with bangs, because this kind of hairstyle makes them look gentler.

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