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As a saying goes, “Girls belittle boys when they play cool.”  When girls especially those look handsome with short hair try to flirt with a girl, there would be nothing to do with boys. Oh, there is a high-level behavior like this: no talking, no flirting; only the “malicious” smile and seductive eye contact is enough.

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But those girls who shave their heads but still have feminine charm make other jealous most. For example this one—-Sinéad O’Connor, an Ireland singer with amazing voice. It is rare for a singer to earn fame like this. Another Ireland singer Enya who sang the theme song of movie The Lord of Rings is a one like her. The following photos were taken when Sinéad was young. The photos in which she is overweight are not placed here. Well, it is our instinct to remember the wonderful thing.
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Just want to ask a question—girls, do you want to try something exciting? Please pick one of the following kinds of hairstyle.

1.Short Straight Bob hairstyle

This kind of short hair appears to be simple, and there even can be no a process of perming. But the hairdresser should be careful if he is slightly not specialized in dealing with this hairstyle. If the hairdresser cuts well, although your face shape could not be changed, the proper fluffy feel would modify your head profile. Hair length depends on the length of your face and your hair’s quality. If the hair covers your cheeks, then you lose the possibility of looking refreshing. But you also should notice that if your hair is too short, it looks like the hair collapse down on your head. Remember, choosing a right hairdresser is the first step.
short hair 2
You can also try this style in 1960s to 1970s. Orderly divide your hair into several “sectors”, and then tuck two pinches of hair in the back of your ears. If you like this style and your hair is short enough, you just need to your hair inside.

short hair 3
But this short straight bob hairstyle is not too fashionable when it is pure dark. But it is easy to solve this problem. That to have your hair dyed. The brighter color it is, the more attractive you are. One tip is that your hair had better be straight.
short hair 4

2. Undercut Bob hairstyle

If you wanna make big change but you do not know whether you are able to accept it. Then you just need to do a little thing base on the normal short bob hairstyle—-shave one side of your hair. As for choosing which side to be “exposed”, it is all up to that which side of your face looks better.
short hair 5
It doesn’t matter if you have flat bangs and it cannot be parted to two sides. It is free for you to shave a small part of one side.
short hair 6
If you dare not try any one of the above two styles, there is only one style for you. Ask the hairdresser to help you make a “tattoo” on your head.

short hair 7
3. Angled Short Bob hairstyle

The key point of this kind of hairstyle is your bangs. The thick bangs determine that whether your hairstyle is cool or not. You must find the best way of parting your bangs. It is easy for girls who have much hair to handle this hairstyle no matter their face is long or not.
short hair 8short hair 9

4. Vintage Innocent Curly Thick hairstyle

If the straight hair is suitable for the vintage—style, so is the curly hair. Look at Rachel McAdams’s entry-level but successful interpretation of this hairstyle. Girls with long faces can try this hairstyle without worrying. Besides, it is also fit those with wide foreheads.
short hair 10
short hair 14

If you think want a big challenge and eager to see an advanced model, and then what you need is this kind of style—hand push wavy hair. However, this style of curly hair really tests temperament. So when pursuing the retro style, you need to be careful. You not only need to had it done well, the color you choose is also important. Look at Rachel and you can find that blonde hair is the best.
short hair 11

If you keep thinking about this vintage hairstyle but still dare not to have your overall hair done, there is only one choice left for you—curl your hair end.
Actually, all the hair can be curled together. It is just slightly wavy from top to bottom and it is not obvious at all. Girls with soft hair can try.
short hair 12
Compared with the overall curly hair, this style of curly hair end looks more vintage. When is comes to this kind of hairstyle, one woman must be mentioned. She is Léa Seydoux, a rich beauty from a noble family. She is the best spokesperson for this hairstyle. No nonsense, look at pictures.
short hair 13

5. Wavy Short hairstyle

The same curly hair, Léa just needs to make a little change and she will be more dignified and elegant—-push bangs up. You can comb your bangs back, or you can push them to one side. If you do not want all your hair curl, you can try the wob hairstyle without too much curling. If so, your bangs can be parted when you do not comb it up. short hair 15
The classic presentation is from Marion Cotillard. She is one of my favorite French actress as well as an Oscar winner. Just like Léa, she also tried to push her bangs up. She was full of “heroic spirit” with this hairstyle. She also looked good when her bangs were parted into two sides. In this black and white picture, she was friendly when bursted out laughing. It is no exaggeration to say that I see the power of life from her as if any French woman at any age loves and enjoys life as always.
short hair 16

6. Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle

It is also beautiful when the asymmetric design of clothing is used on the hairstyle. But this unique style must be handled well otherwise your hair would be a mass like the scene of a car accident. Choose a right hairdresser is not enough. You have to learn to blow dry your hair. And after you dry your hair, others would be no doubt that you just step out from the salon. However, girls who are extremely lazy had better not try, because it requires follow-up work and patience.
short hair 18

But if your motto is, “An hour early to get up for wonderful hairstyle”, you can try this Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle. As a girl, if you want to be beautiful and sometimes want to “flirt” with a person of the same sex, you have no choice but try to be diligent. Study it and it will give you more surprises.
short hair 19

7. Messy Short Bob hairstyle

Do you think that this kind of messy hairstyle of Gao Junxi is specially designed for those who is extremely lazy like you? Oh, come on, do not believe that. The messier it is, the much time it takes and the much attention you have to pay!
short hair 20short hair 21

Really enjoy this messy short bob hairstyle and it is suitable for girls who is open and “nervous temperament”. It is not complicated. You just need to perm your hair to be messy look.

short hair 22

8. Bob haircut with Thick Blunt Bangs

Many girls have complained that many beautiful hairstyles require that bangs have to be parted and there is no a style with thick and blunt bangs. Actually there are a lot of haircuts with thick bangs. Moreover, they play an important role in the traditional bob haircut.
short hair 23
Rose Byrne, an Australian actress who won in Venice Film Festival of movie queen in the New Millennium. She once had bob haircut with thick blunt bangs. She also tucked the left side hair behind the ear and her dazzling earring was obviously seen.
short hair 24
Look! Most of the girls tend to cut their hair with the hair end rolled inward.
short hair 25

This kind of hairstyle is suitable for people at any age. Even though you are turning 80 and grey-hair, this trendy style can also make you fashionable.
short hair 26
If you want your hair curl inward, you don’t have to ask a hairdresser for help. You can do it yourself when it occurs to you because straight hair looks more tidy in terms of the visual effect. However, straight hair sometimes seems stiff. Thus, there is no harm in trying a perm.
short hair 27short hair 28

9. Wavy Bob hairstyle

If you are not willing to cut your hair at once, you can try a wob head. It makes you look slim; the most important thing is that it can modify your face shape just like long hair. Of course, you have to be brave and confident enough to mercilessly cut off your long hair.
short hair 29short hair 30

10. Cute Braided for Wob

Do not think that the braided hair is a “patent” of girls with fluttering long hair. Some simple but practical braided hair is also suitable for short-hair girls which make them look cute.
short hair 32short hair 31
Dare not cut it as short as Carey Mulligan’s? do not worry. There are many choices for you and you can choose the medium-length style.

short hair 33short hair 34

11. Pixie haircut

There is no need to recommend this hairstyle because not everyone can handle it. It requires you to have a small face and beautiful facial features. In addition, you have to be elegant and determined to let your hairdresser takes care of your hair. It is said that people is easy to get addicted to this hairstyle. Once you fall into the “abyss” of Pixie haircut, you would feel uncomfortable whenever you see the long hair and then your hair would be shorter all the more!
short hair 35 short hair 36short hair 37

12. Lovely Layered Short hair

It is impossible for girls who like boyish style to miss this lovely layered short hair. After hair stylist’s hard work, it is more dimensional. You must realize that no matter how the short-hair styles change, they are all base on the bob haircut.
short hair 38short hair 39short hair 40

It is time to let the hairdresser cut your long hair.

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