Hairstyle changes your life! Look at fleshy-face Jennifer Lawrence

The Forbes has published the income ranking of actresses in the world wide (get ready for astronomical figures). With 52 million dollars, Jennifer Lawrence has become the richest actress in the world. The second richest actress is Scarlett Johasson, with 35.5 million dollars, 20 million dollars less than Jennifer Lawrence.Thumb up now!

At a young age–25 years old, Lawrence has become the richest super star in the universe. Her frankness and honesty win her countless fans.”I enjoy eating, and I seldom push myself to loose weight. I am who I am”. The line has become equally famous with Lawrence herself, and has become the motto of plump ladies. Even so, what could she do to deal with her chubby face, given she has to appear from time to time on the red carbet.

Beauty 1

Besides the amazing shadow make-up, Lawrence has tried each single hair style since she started her career, no matter long or short. Chubby faced girls can always find their favorite ones among her haircuts, for each one of them is of classic.

Beauty 2Beauty 3

The straight hair in this picture is suitable for career women, for the clean cut outline will draw more attention, and leave others an impression of being capable and practical.

TIPS: Straight hair shows the quality of one`s hair. For those with rough hair, it is suggested to make good use of hair drier while using it: let the wind blow at the direction where your hair go, or a flat iron is also helpful in this regard.


Fluffy and Sexy Wob Hairstyle

Mid-Split Wob

Beauty 4Beauty 5

Natural and fluffy as it is, Wob hair that parted in the middle is a life-saving straw for chubby girls, for a better haircut that could serve to cover one`s face so properly can never be asked.

TIPS: The length of one`s hair depends on the outline of face. The hairstyle that reaches lips to collar bone poses an attractive atmosphere of laziness.

Side Split Wob

Beauty 6Beauty 7

Bravo!!! This side-split Wob hairstyle is perfect for Lawrence. Besides permanent wave, you can use curling iron at home to make this fluffy hairstyle.

TIPS: If you are going for a date and time is running out, comb your hair with a brush so as to make your hair fluffy, and put the hair behind your ear, that should help you look fashionable and sexy.

Straight and Short Hair

Beauty 8Beauty 9

Did it ever occur to you that short hairstyle could be so delicate? Put away your prejudice against short haired girls! The Chinese famous actress Zhou Xun, who is my favorite, also had this charming haircut after she married.

TIPS: Short hair can be a good choice for girls with chubby faces as well.Hair on the top of the head will be helpful in drawing people`s attention, and it makes your face look smaller than it actually is. The slight hair will eliminate people`s association with men.

Tassel Hair

Beauty 10Beauty 11

You can simply have this awesome hairstyle by tying up your Wob hair, either parting in the middle or at one side. The bangs drop from your head, swaying in the wind like tassel. One can only remember one word at the sight of this: beautiful!

Loli Braid

Beauty 12Beauty 13

A good choice for long hair girls in the season of summer. Roman braid has been taking the spotlight for years, its senses of cuteness and freshness are always people`s weaknesses.

Hairband–Best for the Red Carpet

Beauty 14Beauty 15

Mature and delegant, All Back hairband is the best haircut for the Red Carpet. One was a sweet young girl one minute ago, becoming a queen in the next minute. This hairstyle will put your face into full exposion, if you are not confident enough for the shape of your face, don`t be too bold to try.

Long Straight Hair

Beauty 16Beauty 17

In the Game of Hunger, Lawrence was wearing long straight hair, like those girls at your neighbors. The problem is, if the hair on the top of your head keeps tightly pressed on your skin, your face will be given away.

Long Curled Hair

Beauty 18Beauty 19

A side parting helps not only match your face, but also cover your hair line and forehead. If you have a chubby forehead like Lawrence, a big side parting will be what the doctor ordered.

Personally, I prefer Lawrence when she is wearing Wob hair than Long hair. Lob hair is “in” enough.

Beauty 20Beauty 21Beauty 22

Bob hair can always shape your face, whichever type of Bob hair it is, and it looks younger than long hair. No wonder long haired girls are taking the lead to shorten their hair at the blink of eye. Bob hair is the new fashion!

Beauty 23

If you hate changless hairstyle, pick some of these hairstlyes and join the army of Lawrence to be sweet and cute this summer!

Beauty 24


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