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Gorgeous Black Hairstyle Trends You Want 2018

Gorgeous Black Hairstyle Trends You Want 2018 The African American hair is a spectacle of glory, both in men and women, African American hair is such that can be styled in many ways and fashion, straight, curly, up, soft, braided, twisted out, with and without styling gels etc. Name whatever hairstyle you could think of, and ...

The Top 10 Best Victoria Secret Fashion Show Looks Ever


ALL THE LOOKS FROM THE 2017 VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW Well, After months of anticipation and a few bumps in the road, the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is finally here. The looks are flooding through from Shanghai, where a slew of the world's biggest models are parading down the runway for the world's biggest lingerie ...

#BlackHairChallenge is Celebrating the Magic of Black Hair

#BlackHairChallenge is very popular on twitter these days. Black women and girls have continued to love their hair — often whipping it into elaborate styles — regardless of the people who’ve tried to get them to change their kinky and curly manes. Who Started #BlackHairChallenge First? Started by Twitter user @melaninmamis, they've been asking people to share ... Protection Status