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Differences Between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair

Nowadays, wearing wigs enjoy their popularity in fashion society. Increasing individuals are anxious about their thin hair, and they would try their best to camouflage and make themselves decent. Mentioned about wig, there are two kinds of wigs according to the materials: human hair and synthetic hair. I will list the differences between human hair ...

How to Maintain Bob Hairstyles?

Bob hairstyle looks like the mushroom. It is very popular with the female now. The hairstyle makes the female look clean and sweet. It also looks very simple. However, many females find that it is hard to keep its shape. They complain that if they don't maintain it carefully, the hairstyle will be in a ...

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Remember These Hair Care Tips After Hair coloring

Hair coloring is very common in 21st century. Many girls and ladies face with hair drying after perming which will affect the whole hair style and also hairstyle beauty, so it's time to make hair care. Are there any effective hair care tips? Please refer to the below 6 ways. View post

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Dyeing Your Hair Constantly Would Destroys Your Health

With the increasing quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to outward is not difficult to notice that hair dye especially hair coloring has become a kind of consumer fashion when you walk along the street.The hair can be dyed in many type of colors such as wine red, brilliant purple ...

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Dashing And Impressive Colored Hair For 2013

Hairstyle and hair color are equally important, both supplementing each other. Therefore, a good catchy collocation will be the absolute highlight. But which color hair is both good-looking and suitable? This section is going to introduce some latest European and American characteristic color hair, which will definitely be a surprise for you. View post

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