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How To Prep For Braided Natural Hairstyles

How To Prepare For Braided Natural Hairstyles Braids are a popular style of hair identified with the African continent and culture where it originated, especially because it is much more suited to the hair texture of African Hair. Braids can be made to extend and fall off the scalp or can be made in the form of ...

[Remy clip in hair] IT Girl’s Secret Skill on Hair-dressing

Today, I will talk about the history of IT girls` hairstyle. Do what people do is a way to show your love and recognition for others. Classic hairstyle of Twiggy Marianne Faithfull, the bangs of 60s Medium-long hair of Kate Moss, natural but different Hold on a second Different from the Paris-French beauty, the hairstyle of British girls is the best ...

[Black Pearl Collection] How to Keep a Good Hair With Perm and Dye?

  [Before dyeing hair] *Color selection According to one’s own skin colors’ coldness and warm choose one’s own color which is suitable to themselves. Generally, the chocolate color and red brown are all close to white. PS: It should be careful to choose brown yellow and yellow for yellow skin people, which will make the yellow skin look more ... Protection Status