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Five Popular Short Hairstyles for Women in Summer

Many years ago,short hairstyles for women always ranked as the last choice among all women’s hairstyles for they considered long hair to be the most distinct feminine feature. However, nowadays most females are increasingly tending to fall in love with the short hairstyles for it not only enables women to look more cute and lovely but also ...

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My Opinions on Wedding Hairstyles

Mentioned of wedding, all new couples hope to be the most gorgeous ones in their own weddings. And weddings are also extremely important formal event that most people will attend at least once in a lifetime.However, the wedding hairstyle is responsible for one of the most important parts. Wedding hairstyle include the bride hairstyle, bridegroom hairstyle, ...

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Three wrong rumors hurt your hair

Some stylists would recommend you dye and perm your hair together, but a good stylist would never advice you like that. If you have premed your hair, please don't dye your hair within one month or your hair would burden heavy pressure, and the Perm lotion would half decrease the effect of dye. View post

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