[Hair Care Tips] How to Wash Hair Weave

epending on your weave you should wash it at least once a week. This varies form person to person though.  Sometimes you will need to wash a black hair weave 2-3 times a week and for some people they may only need to wash their weave once every two weeks.

d33c89e4bad5b533da6b117b1631d2d4Wash and Conditioning A Straight Black Hair Weave

  1. Take a wide width comb and gently comb through the weave to loosen any knots or tangles
  2. Get a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Our recommendations for the best shampoo and conditioners for weaves is DHD H20 Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner.
  3. Wash the weave starting from top to bottom by gently massaging the shampoo into the weave
  4. Don’t neglect your real hair underneath the weave! Be sure to wash and condition your hair underneath. You can easily do this by mixing some shampoo into a cup or even better an applicator bottle,  with water and then pouring the mixture directly into the braids/hair underneath (between the tracks) and  rinse well. Follow up with a conditioner in another applicator mixed with water and conditioner as well. Rinse the conditioner throughout.
  5. Next condition the weave and leave the conditioner sitting on the weave for at least 3 minutes. This allows the conditioning agents to go to work and soften the hair. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.
  6. Don’t forget to wash and condition your “leave out” section of real hair if you have it on the very top of your head.
  7. After you step out of the shower gently towel dry the hair by blotting it. To blot, you will take the towel and hang it in your hands  and gently close your hands into a section of your hair and gently press your hands together then open and move your hands down a few inches on the same section of hair and press again. Do this down the section of hair.

Cold Wash – Recommended For A Wavy Or Curly Black Hair Weave


This method utilizes only a conditioner and no shampoo what so ever. This is also done by washing your hair in a sink and you use cold water.

  1. First you will wet the hair. Do not comb dry wavy or curly black hair weaves since this will only cause frizz and a matted mess.
  2. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb through the weave using a wide tooth comb. Start by holding the ends of your hair and combing the ends first while working your way up a section of hair. This helps loosen up any tangles.
  3. Rinse the hair with cold water
  4. Towel dry the hair and scrunch the hair using a towel to remove excess water. This also prevents frizz and tangles.
  5. You will want to moisturize the weave’s curls and prevent frizz by using a product such as Generic’s Silk Remedy.
  6. .Add a curling cream. Use a dollop of the cream and run it through the weave using your fingers.
  7. Scrunch the hair by cupping the ends of your hair in your hand and push your hand and the hair ends up  towards your scalp. Let the hair air dry.


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